1973 was a good year. $19.73 was a good investment.

1973 Was a Great Year…$19.73 Was a Good Investment

In 1973 Richard Nixion announced to the world “I am not a crook”.

In 1973 the Sydney Opera House opened.

In 1973 The Partridge Family was running on TV and was enjoyed by families across the nation.

In 1973 The Exorcist was released.

But today? Today $19.73 may have spared us all from World War III.

Here’s the Story

Tilly is getting married in less than 48 hours. There were many errands that needed to be run today, big and small. Buy Shoes for three boys was on that list.

So I loaded up four boys (no, my math isn’t off, Boy #4 needed to come along too) and headed to town. We accomplished errand #1 (drop crap at Goodwill) will little drama. Next was errand #2 Buy Shoes at Goodwill. This was a little rockier but the mission was accomplished.

And then, all the GOODWILL in my children was apparently drained. Gone, vanished. Like the Otter Pops in my freezer.

I had four boys with me.

One was hungry. One was thirsty. One had to correct the other two. The fourth one had to jump in and correct the boy who corrected his brothers. So the first two, naturally, had to hop in to defend the third brother.

Over and over and over again.

It was so bad I wasn’t sure we would make it into (and out of) Costco to pick up Tilly’s pictures. I needed to drop something off at my parent’s house so I stopped there next, hoping to also drop off a boy or two. When you have autism shopping with three brothers and going to several stores is probably not your favorite activity.

My parents weren’t home.

I went to Costco next where I got a short reprieve while the boys drooled over video game systems located right next to the photo lab.

Back in the van, things were heating up in more ways than just one so I did the only thing I could do.

I drove to Dairy Queen. I paid $19.73 to buy some peace.

1973 was a good year. $19.73 was a good investment.

Initially, I intended to buy them all small cones. Unfortunately, Mordecai insisted he needed a pop, not ice cream. And Apollo was starving and told me he “just” wanted a chocolate dipped cone and chicken strips. Which led Hezekiah and Tucker to level up their negotiating skills. When one boy got a “yes” from me when he requested a small Blizzard the next boy requested a medium Blizzard.

Um, no.

In the end, I happily tossed my $19.73 hoping to stave off mutiny long enough run my last two errands.

It worked. Kind of.

Back home I convinced the boys to go chill in the pool in hoping for some peace and quiet.

That lasted for 11.4 minutes.

Here’s to a better day tomorrow and The Perfect Wedding.

Keeping it real,







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