Update on my business goals.

2018 Goals and Dreams February Update

Okay, friends, it’s accountability time. Early last month I posted about my 2018 Goals and Dreams…and how I accomplished exactly zero of the goals I set for myself in 2017. So, here’s to a better, more productive year in 2018.

A list (for accountability) of my 2018 dreams and goals.

Personal Goals for 2018:

Walk (or exercise) two times per week.

Okay, friends, I am rocking this one. Really. I have been hitting my 10,000 step goal nearly every day. Most days I have close to an hour or more of “active minutes”. I have had two days where I have walked over 20,000 steps….and nearly walked ten miles one day! I am exercising an average of six days per week.

Exercise is going well.

The aerobics after dinner is still a thing. If I know the day will be busy I sometimes do it while the kids are at school. I am just telling myself it has to be done. And I’m doing it.

This is the literally the most active I have been since 2011 when I was running.

Juice two times per week.

Yeah, haven’t juiced yet.

Take vitamins daily.

This is happening most days.

Eat a salad for lunch two times per week.

This hasn’t happened yet.

Read my Bible every day

I’m behind, but I have at least started this one.

Plan Apollo’s homeschool days in advance.

I have done this a few times, but need to be better about it.

Continue to declutter and minimalize my house.

I haven’t done much this month, but am maintaining a clean kitchen, upstairs, and am keeping up with our laundry.


Business Goals for 2018:

Plan business Instagram posts.

Hasn’t happened yet.

Post on business Instagram twice a day.

Hasn’t happened yet.

Post on FB business page once per day.

Better, but still not doing it every day.

One blog post per week.

Not yet.

Submit monthly to stock photography agency.

Yes, I did this!!! It was a small submission, but it is done. Now to submit more.

Double my income.

I’ve had a slow income month but have booked a few sessions.

Blog Goals for 2018:

Well, I haven’t met or really worked on any of those. So I’m not going to list them all out again.

How about you? Are you reaching your goals this year? Do you find check-ins helpful? Leave your goals (or a link to them) in the post. I’d love to know I’m not alone.



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4 thoughts on “2018 Goals and Dreams February Update”

  1. You ROCK, really!
    I am so behind my plans: Injury on my foot (and not allowed to do sport), financially it´s not so good and don´t start about my private life. But: I´m here and planning on doing good things for me this year.

        1. Thanks. Yesteday was a 16,000 step day (70 active minutes) and I wasn’t even particularly tired afterward. Looks like all that Sweating is paying off 🙂

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