Day 24/365 Daily Photo Project

365 Project {Week 4}

I have made it a full month into my 365 Daily Photo Project. I love it because this project is helping me pull out my camera and capture the small moments in our day…something I haven’t been great about for the past year or so.

Day 22/365 Project. Askinosie Chocolate is AMAZING!

Day 22/365

Dark Milk Chocolate + Black Licorice. Mind blowing. This is my absolute favorite chocolate. Unfortunately, the nearest place I can buy it is Seattle…and the shipping is expensive.

ISO 2500, SS 1/125, AP 4.5

These layered chocolate chip cookie brownies are amazing!!!

Day 23/365

Layered Chocolate Chip Cookie Brownies. This is Kalina’s invention and we will be sharing the recipe later this week.

ISO 800, SS 1/125, AP 3.2

Frodo the labradoodle is a service dog in training.

Day 24/265


ISO 2000, SS 1/125, AP 3.2

On the cusp of 16 and in the DOL waiting for her driver's permit.

Day 25/365

Driver’s Permit and Ugly Leggings

ISO 1250, SS 1/125, AP 3.2

Day 24/365 Daily Photo Project

Day 26/365


ISO 1000, SS 1/100, AP 3.2

Matchstick Castle is a timeless adventure novel that kids will love.

Day 27/365

Matchstick Castle by the Fire

ISO 2500, SS 1/100, AP 3.2

Day 29/365 photo project

Day 29/365 

Apollo working on his Tiny Superheroes Mission.

ISO 2500, SS 1/100, AP 3.2

It feels a little bit weird to post these because¬†many of these photos were taken for upcoming blog posts. Enjoy, and if you are doing a 365 project, leave a comment in the links. I’d love to check it out.


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