5 tried and true ways to save money on LEGO.

5 Ways to Save Money on LEGO

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5 tried and true ways to save money on LEGO.

5 Ways to Save Money on LEGO

Our family is a wee bit obsessed with LEGO. In fact, I am confident that we have LEGO than anyone we know. Today I am going to share my best tips on ways to save money on LEGO. Buying LEGO for a fraction of the price has also enabled me to share LEGO with friends and bless them, as well as stock my birthday gift stash for those last-minute birthday invitations.

5 amazing ways to save money on LEGO

1. Check consignment stores.

Earlier this year I stopped my our local consignment store to drop off a few items of clothing. By the time I left I had spent $215 on LEGO.

Let me explain. Even though I walked in simply intending to consign some clothes, as soon as I spotted the bags of LEGO I knew I would be purchasing some. Enoch was with me that day, and I had him help me select a few sets his siblings would enjoy. I pulled out my iPhone and started typing in the numbers of the LEGO sets. I soon found these were selling for 60 to 75% off of retail price. These LEGO were in near perfect condition. The sets were put together and even had dust settled on them. Obviously, some child had put these together and displayed them on a shelf rather than play with them. In the end, I bought them all. And because I bought them all, the consignment shop gave me an additional 20% off!

Here is what I scored:

Cole’s Tread Assault $119

Kai’s Fire Mech $17.99

Ninjago Warrior Bike $39.95

Kai Fighter $49.95

Gorzon’s Kai Fighter $55.49

Ultra Sonic Raider $153.99

Chima Crawly Claw Ripper $20.49

Kai’s Blade Cycle $59.95

Vardy’s Ice Vulture Glider $18.56

Fire Temple $120

Ninjago Hover Hunter $21.49

Retail: $676.86

What I paid: $215

Savings: $461

Amazing ideas on how to save money on LEGO

2. Check  Facebook and Craigslist. 

Last month in a Buy/Sell group there was a posting from a lady selling her daughter’s LEGO. The sets were in perfect condition. They had been put together once and rarely played with. The sets included were:

Stephanie’s Pet Patrol $34.75

Adventure Camper $94.95

Olivia’s Tree House $51.90

Stephanie’s Cool Convertable $29.95

Heartlake Dog Show $95

City Park Cafe $60.49

Heartlake Vet $189.99

Olivia’s House $139.98

Dolphin Cruiser $89.95 

LEGO Organizer Drawers $19.99

and a bunch of regular bricks.

Retail value: $806.95

What I paid: $175.00

Savings: $631.95

Great ideas on how to save money on LEGO

3. Always check the aisles for sales.

Every time I got into Walmart, Fred Meyer or a similar store I go down the LEGO aisle to check for sales. LEGO don’t go on sale often, but I have scored big time using this method. In March of this year, I found the LEGO friends Heartlake Shopping Mall on sale for $54! I whipped out my iPhone and checked the Amazon price. This set retails for $109. I saved $55 on this set!

Retail: $109

What I paid: $54

Savings: $55

Great real live ideas on how to save money on LEGO

4. Check eBay.

There is always a ton of LEGO for sale on eBay. Sometimes there are awesome  deals and sometimes there are not so awesome deals. You might remember I purchased the long-coveted Chima Lion Temple for eBay for cheaper than Amazon. It was missing a piece which I had to order from the LEGO website, but I was happy with the purchase. 

Years ago I bought a huge box (I think it was six pounds) of LEGO for about $30.  Just be careful when you buy. I prefer by the pound over by the number of pieces. I mean, a hundred peices could potentially be a teeny tiny pile of LEGO.

Great ideas on how to save money on LEGO

5. Let friends know you love LEGO.

A couple of years ago I had a friend who’s son was selling all of his LEGO. He had a black outdoor garbage bag 3/4 full of LEGO. He sold them to us for $100! It was an amazing deal. And even if your friends’ kids aren’t selling their LEGO, they will likely keep a lookout for you keep you posted about any deals they see.

Did I miss any? Do you have any great tips on how to save money on LEGO? I’m always on the lookout for new ideas.


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13 thoughts on “5 Ways to Save Money on LEGO”

  1. Apparently Norfolk Island, off the coast of Australia, has the cheapest Lego in the world. Except… you have to buy it in person – they can’t ship it. So that might bump the price up a bit.

      1. Norfolk Island is an hour and a half (reasonably cheap flight) from NZ. Tilly or Adalia could visit, stock up and either ship it to you or Tilly could fill a suitcase to bring back Sorted!

    1. Good point! I’m surprised I forgot about this, except we usually find better deals on Amazon. Thanks for the reminder.

  2. I totally agree with these. Once we bought some legos off of of craigslist, but then later found out that the kid had glued many of his pieces together! That was frustrating, but we still got an ok deal with what we had left.

  3. If you have a 2nd and Charles store near you, they sell Lego by the ounce for cheap. This way the kids can pick out the special pieces that they really want. One daughter went through a time when all she wanted to build was houses so she amassed a huge number of windows and doors. Now she has moved on to designing buildings on an architecture computer program.

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