A Little Imaginative Play

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Darth Grave and Anakin fight…now, none of my children have ever seen a Star Wars movie, new or old. All of their Star Wars information comes from the Star Wars Lego Gameboy game and friends. 

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When I asked Enoch if there was really a Darth Grave, he said no, he made it up. But for the record, Darth Grave is a red skeleton. With golden eyes.

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I was tempted to ask how the "golden eyes" could possibly stay in the skeleton, but decided to just let my boys play.

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Besides, I wanted to take more pictures.

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And enjoy the warm sunshine.

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Oh, and don't worry about Darth Skeleton. He got his revenge.

Eta: I haven't seen the Star Wars movies since I was a kid, so I couldn't possibly make a judgement call on their morality or anything else. I do remember watching them in the theater with my family. I remember Jabba the Hut, Chewy, and Ewoks. In fact, I clearly remember playing Ewoks in third grade. My children haven't seen the movies, simply because we don't have TV (never have and never will). We have a subscription to Netflix and show our children carefully chosen movies. Like Apollo 13, Titanic and National Treasure. I previewed the movies before showing them, and skipped those scenes in Titanic when they came on. Simple. What is our movie criteria? We don't have one per se. I'm one of those mean moms who believes TV and video games rot my children's brains, so it's limited. Therefore, when we watch a movie, its as a family, and it's an event. Sometimes a child has heard of  a movie and asks to watch it…or sometimes it correlates with what we are studying in school (Titanic, Apollo 13). My children are history buffs, so I knew they would love National Treasure.  I have nixed certain movies (like Homeward Bound…not only did I find it to be drivel, but the constant b*tt jokes I found to be crude and juvenile. And worse, they were being repeated). For the most part we will choose an adult movie over a "kid's movie". 
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9 thoughts on “A Little Imaginative Play”

  1. What?!? No STAR WARS???? Egad, woman! Ha ha ha. I’m a bit biased…lol. My mom sneaked us out of school back in ’83 on opening day of Return of the Jedi. I have nieces who, when 3, would recite me running monologues of each of the originals from the backseat of my car. Nerdiness abounds in this fam, yesiree. Good, old fashioned good vs. evil. No skin, no bad words, bit of violence, but nothing to be embarrassed about watching with your kids or grandma.
    If you do let them watch – stick to the original 3, episodes 4,5,6. The new ones are lame, lame, lame.
    Fabulous pictures. So glad you’re a mom who lets her boys be boys.

  2. How can a child grow up not watching Star Wars!!
    Is there something about the original trilogy that you find morally wrong, or offensive? I’ve heard of some people having issues with it as the ‘force’ is almost portrayed as a atheistic religion.

  3. what innocent fun!! too bad in this crazy world today we have to be so careful with such innocence, it can be stretched, misconstrued, picked apart, and chewed up and spit out and you end up being a bad parent for either letting your kids watch a certain movie, or a bad parent for not!
    I’m guilty, I gave in to the pressure – and bought my boys water “squirters” (tubes) instead of water guns, partially because a lot of things in this world can be so desensitizing, and partially because I don’t want other parents saying “gasp – you let your kids play guns”…. either way, it’s hard for a kid to do anything these days w/o it being picked apart. I grew up shooting bb guns in the back yard with my brothers, playing in the woods for hours without my parents even nearby…. Those were different times though, seems to me they were much more innocent times. When cartoons were Tom&Jerry or Popeye…. My how times have changed…and so have people.
    I LOVE how you’ve portrayed the boys playing their role play game, and I love how you can see the fun in their faces 🙂 … I also love coming by your little window of the world 😉

  4. Renee, you know I’m ribbing you. I’m also appalled at the crassness included in many of the so-called kids movies today. Makes me cringe. Some of my favorites, and that are classics I still watch, are the Anne of Green Gables series, “Sarah, Plain and Tall” (love this!), and when they are older – the Lord of the Rings series simply blows any other movie/story out of the water. Also great if your kids have read Tolkien, and then follow up with the movies.

  5. I echo your sentiments about movies and television exactly. I’ll pick out a good “adult” movie over a kiddo one any day. Our most recent enjoyed find was The Inheritance.

  6. You know what family movie your kids and your would love – Wild Hearts Can’t be Broken.
    I have good memories of watching it with my family.

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