{Avi’s Adoption story was originally written June 2007. Edited for clarity}

Avi is  two years old today. Many of you know her adoption story, but it is too good not to share again, so here it goes.

The morning of June 30th, 2005 found me at my mom’s house with my youngest children. The older three children (Adalia, Judah and Tilly)  were having piano lessons at my grandma’s. The routine was for me to drop off the older three, then hang out at my mom’s for a couple of hours, and have lunch with her. On this day the phone rang, and my mom said, “Renee, it’s for you. Its Lindsay from Bethany Christian Services“.

I had no idea they even had my parents phone number! When I asked about it later, Lindsay said I had listed them as an emergency contact.

She had a 3 day old biracial (caucasian/black) baby girl. She filled me in with her birth weight and other details. Were we interested?

“Yes, everything sounds good” I said.

“Do you need to check with Chuck or anything?” she asked.

“No, I’m sure it’s fine” I answered, remembering the 3 1/2 weeks of paperwork it took before we actually brought Mordecai home. I figured I would talk to Chuck that evening, and if he had any reservations, I would call back tomorrow. That was not to be.

“Okay, she’s down in Seattle right now. When can you come pick her up?”

“Uh, how about tomorrow?” I asked, slightly in shock and stalling for time. Surely there was paperwork and stuff, we had to do first.

“Actually, we really wanted her placed today. How about if I go get her, and bring her out to your house?”

“No, that won’t work, Chuck wont be home”. Quite honestly I was worried about her showing up just as everyone was waking up from naps, crying, grumpy, the house a mess…

“Okay, if I drive down and get her, can you and Chuck meet me at the office when he gets off work?”

Hanging up the phone, I realized that I just agreed to adopt a baby without discussing it with my husband. Oops. The afternoon was spent in a flurry of washing baby girl clothes, setting up the crib, getting the carseat clean, wondering about how I was going to explain this to Chuck.

As it turns out, we already had a babysitter coming that night, so we could have one of our rare, date nights. We had envisioned a nice peaceful dinner. Instead it turned out to be a trip to Wal-Mart for diapers and formula.

Chuck, by the way, was absolutely thrilled. He was so happy not to have to go through the stress of weeks of limbo. He found out on his way home from work, and off we went to get her.

We picked out her name on the way to the office to pick her up. Avi, which means “God is my father” and Providence, to remind us of how God brought her into our family.

Chuck bonded with Avi instantly. It was the sweetest thing ever. He would come home from work every night and immediately glance around and say, “Where’s Avi?”. The second he was cleaned up he had that baby in his arms.

Did I mention that I was 6 month pregnant at the time? But that is a post for another day!

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