Apollo the Observer

























Apollo has always been an alert and active baby…and he has always been determined that you understand him when he communicates. No faking it with this guy.

Well, the other day, Chuck sat down on the couch across from me in the living room when he got out of the shower. Apollo was sitting on my lap and kept getting right in my face and saying, “Dada! Dada! Dada!”. I said something like, “yes, Daddy’s home from work” but Apollo wasn’t satisfied. He kept saying “Dada!” and getting more and more insistent each time. Finally, he grabbed my face between his two hands, looked me in the eye and said firmly, “Dada. Hair”.  Then it dawned on me…I had just given Chuck a haircut and Apollo noticed! He was a bit leary of Chuck and I had to encourage him to go over and touch Chuck’s hair to make sure everything was all right.
















This is still what Apollo’s meals look like…lots of choices and a non-threatening situation.
















And just for fun…anyone remember this sweet, bald baby?

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5 thoughts on “Apollo the Observer”

  1. I am just curious if Apollo will eat not too healthy food like say chocolate non dairy pudding or cookies or stuff like that…Just curious. Your plate looks similiar to what we feed to Noah who I am so estatic to say at 17 month finally made it to the 20 lb mark..20.4lb to be exact. However Noah is able to spend his days eating 320 calorie full fat greek yogurt,bananas, tomatos, pasta with parm..mac and cheese

    I am sure you have tried everything. I was just curious for a boy who has so much trouble eating/swallowing if perhaps chunks of bread and tomatos and fruit, are not perhaps as appetizing as they would be to say you or I…

    I know you eat super healthy like we do and I have to admit I made a faux paux in that I only realized 2 months ago we were feeding Noah fat free dairy etc…we just feed him what we eat. i swear since we changed to the full fat yogurt he probably is getting another 300 calories a day and alot more fat. His face is so much fuller now.I was focusing on protein like with the other kids and what he needed was the fat..lol…

    Again no disrespect I am sure you would have given Apollo the kitchen sink if it was edible. You are so consumed with all this. Can’t wait until the MRI!!!!

    1. Liz, I wondered if Apollo’s lunch would bring questions! As I said to the other commenter, he had actually already eaten his lunch of eggs scrambled with olive oil. This is part of his “therapy”. Providing a variety of foods, giving him what the other kids are eating, etc. I didn’t expect him to eat the cornbread, and you probably see the avacado on it. I was just trying to make it familiar, and hoping he would touch it, etc. He has a real aversion to spoons, which means he hates eating things like applesauce, dairy-free ice cream, etc. He likes to dip chips in guacamole. He doesn’t usually eat the chips, but uses it as a spoon. Whatever works, right? He’s not a fan of cookies…but I believe he’s eaten Oreos (which, frighteningly, are dairy free). Yay for Noah hitting 20 pounds! Apollo also eats plenty of pasta doused in olive oil, nut butters every day, and coconut oil in his oatmeal.

  2. I think you should try other foods that are baby friendly and appetizing. He may not be eating because you are trying to make him eat healthy. I’m not saying this is a bad thing to eat healthy but for a picky toddler this food does not look appealing. You can focus on healthy when he gets a little older and his tastes change but his overall health his most important now. You don’t have to feed him junk food now, just things that he wil eat. How about a warm grilled cheese cut into wedges he can pick up himself. I am pro breastfeeding too and I have read so many articles that say there is not very much nutrients in breastmilk after a certain age, how about soy milk to help fatten him too? Just suggestions, not meant as a criticism, I think your family is great

    1. Jen, it’s funny, when I posted that photo I wondered if I would get comments about his lunch. He had actually already eaten his lunch. Two eggs scrambled in olive oil (for extra fat). It is too difficult to get enough calories in him at actual mealtimes, so I usually actively “feed” him before the others eat. I made this tray for him to give him a variety of foods to try and so he could have what the other kids were eating. Unfortunately he’s allergic to milk, so cheese is out and he will only drink water or carrot juice from a cup. He does eat coconut based ice cream on a regular basis (I wish I could give him the real stuff). Apollo is allowed to eat anything that is dairy free and he won’t choke on.

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