Baked Potato Soup

{Food photography is not my strong point, but bear with me as I work on it in 2014. Thanks}baked potato soup, baked potato soup recipe


Readers are frequently requesting recipes from me but the sad (or happy) truth is that I avoid them when I can. I mean, I use them to bake and for a few favorite meals that came from friends, but so many of our favorite foods I simply wing it. So here is my best approximation of our Baked Potato Soup.

Step 1: Bake some potatoes. Depending on size, I do 12-15 for my family.

Step 2: Let potatoes cool, then chop. It’s totally a personal choice whether or not to peel these. Generally, if it is brown baking potatoes, I peel. If it is anything else, I leave the skin on.

Step 3: Make a roux. A roux is just a fancy French name for white sauce. I have been making this for years as a base for all types of recipes. I mix equal parts butter and flour, lightly “toast” the flour then add milk.

Step 4: Add water, chicken soup base or bouillon and chopped potatoes. I use about 1/4 cup of milk per cup of water for my potato soup.

Step 5: At this point, I let it heat on the stove top, just below boiling (so I don’t boil the milk). I add: salt, pepper and garlic salt to taste.

Step 6: Just before serving, I stir in cheddar cheese and bacon.

I serve this with: cheese, extra bacon, green onion, sour cream.

baked potato soup, sourdough bread, teen boy baking

Oh, and a side of sourdough bread made by your teen son is always a bonus!

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  1. You should check out for her food pics. She does a good job. Also takes some nice food photos too. Just a suggestion as you work on this. Youll get it down, you have a natural talent for pics. 🙂

  2. I do a similar recipe (potato and bacon soup) but in a totally different way. I chop bacon, onion and dice potatoes, cook them (in a pot lightly sprayed with oil) for three minutes then add vegetable stock, celery and carrots and boil until the latter two vegies are cooked. Meanwhile I add milk and plain flour together, pour it into the pot, stir until simmering then turn it off and stir in some cheese. Yum!

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