Beanboozled: The Family Game You Must Try!

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Chuck’s brother and family were here to visit after Christmas. They have five children and the cousins had a great time reconnecting. While they were here they gave us a couple of family games, including Jelly Belly’s Beanboozled game.

Oh friends, if you have never played the game Beanboozled (or your kids have never played) you really need to get ahold of it and play! Beanboozled is a box of Jelly Belly jelly beans that that comes with a spinner. The player spins the arrow and chooses the color jelly bean the arrow points to.

The twist?

Beanboozled Game Review

Each regular flavored jelly bean has a nasty counterpart…will you get Peach? Or Barf? Chocolate Pudding? Or Canned Dog Food? Lime? Or Lawn Clippings?

You won’t know until you taste them.

My kids laughed and cried and choked and gagged…all in the name of fun.


Who is toughest? Who can keep from spitting out the nasty flavors? I thought I might play along with the kids…but once I saw their expresssions…

I decided to stay safely behind the lens of my camera.

Even Apollo played! Poor kid. Have a toddler who likes to eat too much candy? This game may just solve that problem. Or better yet, try these Beanboozled flavors without the game. I can guarantee he’ll think twice about eating candy in the future.

Just a fews months after Keziah, Ezra and Boaz arrived here from Liberia, my parents took a few of the kids to the mall. They let them each pick out a candy. Keziah, not being familiar with American candy, picked out a bag of Beanboozled jelly beans with “wild flavors”. She had no idea they were a joke.


In all seriousness, my kids loved and hated this game. If you haven’t already played, you really need to.

And be sure and send me some pictures.


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    • bakersdozenandapolloxiv

      Thanks. The funny thing is I caught that same typo in my URL. I need Tilly to come back from her grandparents’ house and proof-read for me!

  1. Melpub

    Hey, they stole this from Harry Potter! Bertie Botts Every Flavor (or Flavour, they would say) Beans . . .

    • bakersdozenandapolloxiv

      Ah…a few people have mentioned that. I’ve never read Harry Potter…fiction (especially kids’ fiction) isn’t my thing…

    • bakersdozenandapolloxiv

      It was a TON of fun! From behind the lens of my camera, anyway.

  2. Renae

    This is great. We took my then 2.5yr old to the jelly belly factory the last time we were back in the states and he loved eating these. He would eat a weird flavour like vomit and then have us smell his breath!!! He still talks about how he ate dog food and vomit jelly beans.

  3. Tony

    Heze is such a hipster with that scarf. Haha. And I would have thought this would be a bad game for Apollo since he already has some aversion to eating foods.

    • bakersdozenandapolloxiv

      A year ago we could have never played this game with him. Now he has no reservations about food (he’s done great since having his tonsils removed) he just struggles to eat enough calories. He burns more calories than your average person because his respiratory system has to work harder.

  4. Bobbi Otto

    I bought the game but there are no instructions/rules included. Just match the spinner with the color of the jelly bean?

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