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The love of books is nothing new around here. Adalia asked the other day if it was genetic or something we'd "done" to make everyone love books.  When I probed her question a bit deeper, she explained that a lot of the kids she baby sits for can't or won't sit still to listen an entire book, while our children seem to have an endless capacity for the written word.

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I don't have the answer to that question…who does? But the fact is we have a house full of avid readers and book lovers. Avi and Tucker are on the brink of reading independently. I think Tucker will get there first, but who knows. I ordered some new Dr. Seuss books recently, and they are mastering Hop on Pop and so proud of their skills…

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Mordecai read this almost entirely by himself. I think his smile says it all!

And while we're on the subject of books…a couple of years ago I was trying to figure out a way to organize our books so I could actually find them when I needed to. For instance, if we were studying the 1800's in History, or China, or Thomas Edison, I wanted to be able to locate all the books we owned on this subject, but always seemed to find the book a week or two after we were done. Finally, I stumbled on this solution:

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I sorted our books into categories and put colored electrical tape on the spine. Red is for History, green Science and so on. Now if I'm looking for a book on a particular subject, I can narrow my search down by category and it's made huge difference.

And finally, my children have stumbled on a few new favorite books and series that I wanted to share with you.

Our current read aloud is Gregor the Overlander. Adalia, Judah, Tilly and Enoch love these so much they've read the whole series. Hezekiah is reading book three. All my children are enjoying this book as I read it aloud in the evenings. 

I've talked before about Jotham's Journey, the Advent book we read each December, so I was thrilled when I learned that the author has written Amon's Adventure, a book leading up to Easter Sunday. I've ordered it and can hardly wait to start it.

Adalia and Tilly have been enjoying the Frog Princess books by E.D. Baker.

And me? I've just finished rereading The Boy Who Was Raised as a Dog, a great book that focuses on attachment, and the effect of foster care and early trauma on children. I've just started the book Why Gender Matters. It is excellent and well researched. 

I was thrilled recently to see The Warlord's series of math books came out with a new one: The Warlord's Fish. These are hands down my favorite math story books. The stories are engaging and the illustrations beautiful. Each story carries itself (they do not seem like math lessons disguised as a story). They all end with instructions to complete the project that was introduced in the book. In my opinion, no family library would be complete without these.

What are your favorite books? Please share in the comments so we can all enjoy them!

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14 thoughts on “Books, Books and More Books”

  1. All of ours are book lovers, too. Maybe it is because we surround them with books and read to them from the very start. My toddler loves to sit in my lap while I read to the “bigger” kids.
    My older kids are currently devouring the Redwall series by Brian Jacques. They haven’t found anything objectionable about them, but I can’t speak for them because I haven’t personally read them.
    I’ve read all the Leonard Sax books now and found each to be relevant and intriguing.
    We are also looking forward to receiving Amon’s Adventure. We loved Jotham, but weren’t as impressed with Bartholomew.

  2. I’ve been reading the Grandma’s Attic series to my girls. I read them when I was younger and saved them because they were my favorite.

  3. Our favorite family series (for my husb too) are the Laura Ingalls books. My son loves to read anything from comic books (we have an educational hist set) to biographies, historical novels, any good chapter book. My daughter likes to be read too and doesnt love reading yet tho is proud that she can. I am reading The Message Bible, not to replace but compliment and I read about 1/2 of an Anne Shirley book per night right now to fall asleep. My husband is reading his college courses in computers. Our favorite readers are Mcguffey-my kids benefit greatly from these. We like classics, anything clean and historical or something that teaches us. Science, history, literature. Yes I think reading to children increases their desire, and I often think the age of video games and movies “gives” everything for no work, much of which we wish was not being given. So we avoid those things in excess, we watch some movies and thats about it.

  4. Have you tried the inkheart trilogy by cornelia funke? They are brilliant, about books non the less!
    The Book of Stars Series by Eric L’Homme
    The Hunger Games Trilogy by Suzanne Collins (you may wish to read these first as they are meant for teenagers but I can’t think of anything untoward in them)
    Any Eva Ibbotson book for your girls (The morning gift, The secreat Countess etc)
    Stravaganza series by Mary Hoffman
    Happy reading:)

  5. We’ve got quite a few book lovers around here too! Most of the kids enjoy reading on their own, but much of our reading is done out loud as a family!
    We just finished reading Tortured for Christ. We are reading Making Brother’s and Sisters Best Friends, at meal times now, the kids beg for more every time!
    I just read Unplanned, that was a great one, but not so much for kids!
    We are looking forward to starting Amon’s Adventure too!

  6. My first thought was The Courage of Sarah Noble – both my boys and girls listened with awe at her adventure and I loved the noble way her story is told – her little-girl faith is sweet. Our other favorite on-hand is The Jesus Storybook Bible – first bible-book to really bring into clarity how the whole Bible is leading us to Christ. First time I found my oldest boy (then 8) crying over a book – really touched his heart.

  7. My oldest daughter’s first book read by herself was The Foot Book. The look on her face was very similar to Mordecai’s look. She has a form of dyslexia that has always made reading more work then fun so Dr. Seuss was always a fun choice.

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