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Amazing…remember Wednesday's blog post about Canon? About how the woman just got my information the day before and needed time to review it (and that's the same line she gave me the week before)?

Well yesterday morning, barely 24 hours after my blog post, she called back to tell me that her engineers confirmed that this last bit of "damage" as done by the lens being bumped up against something, but since the situation "had gone on so long" and "because of the prior repairs" she decided to replace the lens.

No, I will not go into the fact that the lens has not been smashed into anything, nor will I go into the improbablility that the auto-focus malfunctioned  four times for no apparent reason, but this last time malfunctioned due to me banging it around.

So I asked the two key questions: is the lens refurbished? and does it come with a warranty?

Yes, it is refurbished and it is coming with a six month warranty. 


Not exactly resolved to my satisfaction, but better than I thought it would be on Monday.

Chuck and I had already decided (whether I keep or sell the camera) to purchase the 50mm 1.8 lens to get me by, and now as a back up to take on shoots.

And my photographer friend, Emily, said that's why I should purchase all camera equipment from a local store- they will deal with customer service for me and even give me a loaner while repairs are being done.

Today is Solid Rock Family Camp! I have exactly three hours and forty-five minutes to finish preparing.

 Stay tuned for some fun times.

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6 thoughts on “Canon Customer Service”

  1. Sorry it wasn’t exactly ideal, but I guess it is better than nothing right.? Have a wonderful camping trip- looks like it should be great from the glimpse of prep work that went into it. Hope there will be a little time to relax and recharge for you!

  2. That’s great that it’s at least somewhat taken care of. I wish we had a local camera shop here but the last (and longest locally owned) shop went out of business last year. So we have no options here…

  3. My sense of justice was extremely offended by the way Canon was dealing with you. I was contemplating a letter writing campaign and boycott. I’m equally relieved that it will be resolved in a reasonable way. But, let me know if I ever need to get the campaign going in the future.
    Speaking of customer service … Verizon’s is the BEST! I’m always shocked at how good they are! Wish Canon would follow suit for you.

  4. I have a Canon as well. I’ve only had to deal with their customer service twice. The first time was okay, the second, not so great. I hope your camera is fixed…keeping my fingers crossed.

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