Beads of Courage Seattle Bead Challenge

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A few weeks ago Chuck and I packed up the troops and headed to Seattle to attend the Beads of Courage Seattle Bead Challenge.   Apollo has been a member of Beads of Courage since 2012. Beads of Courage offers … Continued

PNW Homeschool Adventures

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PNW Homeschool Adventures This homeschooling year isn’t turning how I expected at all. I thought Apollo would love only attending school two days per week (especially since he often wanted to stay home last year) but instead, he is scared … Continued

This is Seven {Apollo}

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This is seven. Apollo is in love with this shirt from Target’s Cat and Jack collection. He wore it to his friend’s birthday party which was perfect since it was airplane themed.  Early morning yawns. He has been sleeping all … Continued

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