This is Seven {Apollo}

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This is seven. Apollo is in love with this shirt from Target’s Cat and Jack collection. He wore it to his friend’s birthday party which was perfect since it was airplane themed.  Early morning yawns. He has been sleeping all … Continued

Staph Infection After Surgery

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When Apollo was in the emergency room and they opened his surgical incision they took a sample from the infected area. They confirmed that he has a staph infection at the surgical site. It has been a long, slow recovery … Continued

Infection After G-Tube Closure

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This is part two. You can read the first post Infection After G-Tube Closure here. — Options were discussed for sedation. I told the doctors that after safety, my next priority as comfort. Whatever they did, they needed to make … Continued

G-Tube Removal Recovery

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It’s tough to be Apollo. His recovery from his g-tube removal is not going as smoothly as I hoped.  When the surgeon came out to speak to me after the surgery I asked about how much pain to expect.  “It … Continued

Barn Party and Pre-Surgery Nerves

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This weekend our church had their second annual Barn Party (you can see last year’s here). I took advantage of the opportunity to snap a few pics of the kids…the kids took the opportunity to snuggle a giant, fluffy cat. … Continued