Sweet Silence

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Avi (4), Kimono (3 months) I've been plagued by headaches this pregnancy. Some of which I'm beginning to think may be migraines. Headaches bad enough for me to miss Grump Therapy. I'm off now to lay on the couch and … Continued

12 Weeks

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{Photos from Thanksgiving that I never had a chance to post since our internet was down} Twelve weeks…I am so thrilled to be a third way through this pregnancy already. This has by far been the best pregnancy I've had. … Continued

My Magnum Opus

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Photo taken November 20, 2009 That's what this baby feels like to me. My great creative work.  Now don't read too much into that statement. I didn't say this baby was my finale, or encore. I said my magnum opus.  … Continued


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That we will be adding our own little earthling to our family in June 2010! Details to follow…

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