Graham Cracker Gingerbread Houses

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Things they don’t tell you about Kindergarten: The teacher will host Pinterest-worthy parties, so you don’t have to. Graham cracker gingerbread houses? Nothing new about that. Just being able to show up and spend time with Apollo while he builds … Continued

Corner Store Dreams

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Every day I pick the four youngest kids from school. And every day we drive by what we call “the corner store”. Although, if we wanted to be precise, we would call it “the intersection store”. Anyway…Apollo has heard Chuck … Continued

Feeding Clinic Update {11/2015}

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As you can see, all of the little boys are in love with Kalina. How sweet is that? Yesterday Apollo had another visit to the Feeding Clinic at Seattle Children’s Hospital. It was an early release day for my younger kids and … Continued

Seattle Feeding Clinic {Update}

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Yesterday was Apollo’s fourth visit to Seattle Children’s Hospital’s top-secret (it would seem) feeding clinic. The ultimate goal, of course, is to have him weaned of the g-tube, eating regular meals and growing.  Apollo has a lot of feeding issues. … Continued

Feeding Clinic Update

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Apollo had a feeding appointment at Seattle Children’s Hospital yesterday. This news, unlike the recent news from his pulmonologist, wasn’t particularly good. He hasn’t gained a single ounce (or if we want to get technical, he hasn’t even even gained … Continued