Some Things Are Just a Bad idea

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Some things are just a bad idea and the sooner we all decided to admit to that the better.  And a bad idea is a worse idea in a large family. Let me explain. Just yesterday, as I spent some … Continued

How to Sleep Train Your Parents

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{After 20 years of parenting, I am convinced that this is the way it works. Sleep train babies? I’m pretty sure they sleep trained me. I’ll likely start getting sleep just about the time I start going by the name … Continued

5 Things I Am Not Good At

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Hey, I am sure this will come as a surprise to you but I am not good at everything. Shocking, I know. Today I delve deep into the depths of my sleep-deprived, sinus infected brain to share with you 5 … Continued

Worst Gifts Ever {2016 Edition}

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Post contains affiliate links in case you too would love to give a horrible gift! My grandparents…leaving Wyoming, apparently. My grandpa was an avid hunter and outdoorsmen. Wanting to share his love of hunting he got my grandma a shotgun … Continued

How to Make a Good Impression

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First impressions are important, am I right? When you have 14 kids and have homeschooled for years and you decide to stick your kids in public school, you realize making a good impression is kind of important. People make all … Continued

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