Things That Happen When You Are Me

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Things that happen when you’re me. Just as you are composing a clever and witty tweet about scraping gum out of your dryer, you discover that the currently-in-use roll of toilet paper is covered in toothpaste. Minty, blue toothpaste. Just. … Continued

Everything Happens for a Reason…

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{post contains affiliate links} They say everything happens for a reason. I just don’t buy that. Things happen all the time. Big things. Little things. Crazy things. But I certainly don’t believe everything happens for some larger purpose. Nope. For … Continued

Corner Store Dreams

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Every day I pick the four youngest kids from school. And every day we drive by what we call “the corner store”. Although, if we wanted to be precise, we would call it “the intersection store”. Anyway…Apollo has heard Chuck … Continued

Happy Birthday, Jubilee!

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What’s worse than a sleepover with a bunch of giggly 12 and 13-year-old girls? Having to walk upstairs at 2 am to tell them to quiet down…then falling back asleep and dreaming you have a house full of 12 and … Continued

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