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What We Read

  I’ve had a few readers recently ask how we choose our read-aloud books. I wish I could tell you I had some grand plan about which books to read and when. Some map, covering sixteen important topics for growing maturing into responsible citizens. But you know me better than that. I read aloud to …

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I've noticed a direct correlation between my time spent preparing and enthusiasm on the part of my children. I purchased some new art materials (pastels and craypas) just trying to broaden their art experiences. All I had to do was display my picture (far right) and within a day, Tilly (left)  and Kalina (above) had picked …

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Sunday Afternoon Fun

Remember my just turned nine year old, who got a firestarter, match holder, survival skills and outdoor adventure books for his birthday? Take a look at how he spent his Sunday afternoon. Sewing himself some camouflage pants, so he can hide from his brothers while they play "spy" or "secret service".  I think he's a little bit …

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