Journal Piece

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  Adalia (13) and I get a real kick out of Yoko Ono- you know, John Lennon's wife. It's not that we're fans. We don't like her music, or her philosophy even. We just get a kick out of her … Continued

Mad Dogs and Other Animals

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 Hezekiah, age 5 The other day Hezekiah was playing "mad dogs"  and came up to me and asked if cats could get rabies too. "All mammals can get rabies, Honey" I answered with utter confidence. Without a pause he said, … Continued

Charlotte’s Web

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   Our local theatre hosts a series of educational productions each year. I bought tickets to several, and our first was an hour long production of Charlotte's Web. I knew a handful of my fellow homeschooling moms were attending. Hilary … Continued

Sweet Adoration

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Avi (4 years old), Kimono (3 months old) Avi adores her Daddy, and the feeling is quite mutual. The other day she went through the house singing : My dad he is, my dad he is, my dad he's always … Continued

Still Not Dead…

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…or back on line. After spending 15 minutes on hold yesterday to follow up on the call Chuck made Friday complaining about our lack of internet, I was told they had no record of Chuck's call! Then the man tried … Continued


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Don't you just love them? Especially nine year old boys?   My nine year old boy recently acquired a goldfish from Wal-Mart. When it was purchased he was told if it died within 90 days and he could return it. … Continued

The Saga Continues

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Broken Ankles Part II When I was on the phone with our doctor Wednesday evening he asked if I could call our insurance company to make sure that a "walking cast boot" would be covered. That was his first choice … Continued

When It Rains, It Pours

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If you remember, Enoch broke his finger back in September. His first cast was too tight, and after an agonizing weekend, we went in and had it removed and replaced with a splint. The splint lasted four days. The doctor … Continued

Monday Night Special

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Long ago in my quest for beautiful photos, I determined that I would never overlook the beauty and joy of The Lousy Snapshot. Because sometimes, sometimes, they capture moments that a portrait ever could. So I introduce to you: Lousy … Continued