Little Earthling Hair Salon

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Saturday I gave five of my children (and my one-and-only) husband haircuts. Sound impressive. A real accomplishment. Until you consider that is less than half of my children. *sigh*   It all started with Tilly, who announced she wanted her … Continued

For Dad

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Dear Dad, Back in October you asked me to take photos of Mom's 60th birthday. While taking photos of the party, Mom and her brother and sisters, and her guests, we took a couple of you and Mom together. You … Continued

New Year, New Goals

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Tucker (4) and Hezekiah (5)  I just love these little boys. If we'd of stopped having children at a reasonable number, say seven, these two little boys wouldn't exist. The one on the right? Well, he's got big plans to … Continued

Back in the Saddle

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Kalina (8) and Jubilee (7) enjoy their "instant snow". They only snow we've seen this year. Just the kind I like. As you may have guessed by my absence, I too succumbed to the nasty sickness going around our house. … Continued

Christmas 2009

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Christmas 2009 didn't end up the way we planned, but then, when do things ever end up the way we plan?   Natalie, age 2, on Christmas Eve Christmas Eve was spent at our church's candlelight service. This is one … Continued

Cookie Decorating

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An annual tradition in our home.  Ingredients: tons of cookies and decorations, tons of friends, a good sense of humor and a healthy dose of patience. Jubilee (7) Hezekiah (5)   Natalie (2) arrived wearing a shirt that said “Will … Continued

Writing in Joseph

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Tucker, age 4 Yesterday while the children were doing schoolwork at the table Tucker got out a piece of paper and started making spirals all over the page. After a moment he said: "Look, Judah, Look! I can write in … Continued

Journal Piece

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  Adalia (13) and I get a real kick out of Yoko Ono- you know, John Lennon's wife. It's not that we're fans. We don't like her music, or her philosophy even. We just get a kick out of her … Continued

Mad Dogs and Other Animals

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 Hezekiah, age 5 The other day Hezekiah was playing "mad dogs"  and came up to me and asked if cats could get rabies too. "All mammals can get rabies, Honey" I answered with utter confidence. Without a pause he said, … Continued

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