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Don't you just love them? Especially nine year old boys?   My nine year old boy recently acquired a goldfish from Wal-Mart. When it was purchased he was told if it died within 90 days and he could return it. … Continued

The Saga Continues

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Broken Ankles Part II When I was on the phone with our doctor Wednesday evening he asked if I could call our insurance company to make sure that a "walking cast boot" would be covered. That was his first choice … Continued

When It Rains, It Pours

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If you remember, Enoch broke his finger back in September. His first cast was too tight, and after an agonizing weekend, we went in and had it removed and replaced with a splint. The splint lasted four days. The doctor … Continued

Monday Night Special

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Long ago in my quest for beautiful photos, I determined that I would never overlook the beauty and joy of The Lousy Snapshot. Because sometimes, sometimes, they capture moments that a portrait ever could. So I introduce to you: Lousy … Continued

Hezekiah Plans His Life

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Sorry about two Hezekiah posts in a row, but I can't help if he says or does charming things so close together….   Yesterday I had this delightful conversation with five year old Hezekiah. Hezekiah: When I'm a grown up … Continued

School at the Beach

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Yesterday we took our classroom to the beach for some up close and personal learning about sea life. I've mentioned the Marine Biology class Judah and Tilly are  taking. Well, thankfully I managed to wrangle Syndi and Carolynn into having … Continued

Avi’s Two Dads

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Avi (4) came up to me yesterday just as she awoke from her nap. Avi: Mama, we have two dads. Me: Really? Avi: Yes, a dad in heaven and a dad at work! Well, that's one way to put it … Continued

Man Talk

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Do you ever wonder what it is men talk about when they're together? Saturday night at church I wandered over to where Chuck was talking with some guys and overheard this conversation. Chuck: The ground beef was only $.99 a … Continued

Always Avi

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 Avi is full of beans spunk, energy and enthusiasm. She doesn't do anything halfway. Spend five minutes with her and she's likely to have you laughing. She's not the type of girl you can ignore- even for a moment. Avi's favorite … Continued

Bright, Smiling Jubilee

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Jubilee, six years old My goodness, just look at that smile! So big her eyes are nearly overflowing with it. Fitting on a girl named Jubilee I suppose. 

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