LEGO: The Great Equalizer

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  Post contains affiliate links. LEGO the great equalizer. From toddlers to man-sized teens, none of my kids can resist the call of LEGO. In our house, the love of LEGO knows no age barriers. LEGO allows my children to … Continued

5 Ways to Save Money on LEGO

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Post includes affiliate links. 5 Ways to Save Money on LEGO Our family is a wee bit obsessed with LEGO. In fact, I am confident that we have LEGO than anyone we know. Today I am going to share my … Continued

A LEGO Brickumentary Review

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Post contains affiliate links I normally do book reviews on the weekend (and I still might do one tomorrow) but for now I could not resist telling you about the movie we watched last night: A LEGO Brickumentary. I have loved the … Continued

DIY LEGO Table Tutorial

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Post contains affiliate links.Our kids are obsessed with LEGO. This is an obsession that we have gladly fed over the years. For  Mordecai’s 14th birthday, we decided to convert an old table into a LEGO table for him. Here I will … Continued

Ideas for Learning with LEGO

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Ideas for Learning with LEGO Post contains affiliate links Living with LEGO-Crazy Kids You know we love LEGO® in this house. We have had LEGO parties, have an amazing LEGO organizing system and gone on a scavenger hunt to find … Continued

2016 LEGO Build-Off

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Post contains affilate links If there’s one thing our family loves, it’s LEGO. When I read about the second annual LEGO Build-Off, I knew this event was perfect for our boys. The kids were provided with LEGO and had an hour … Continued

The Lion Temple: Part 2

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Remember the Lion Temple? And how Apollo mustered up all of his courage to ask Santa for the Lion Temple? And how I bought it on eBay and had it hidden away? Well, yesterday was the big day. There was no … Continued