Santa and the Lion Temple

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Post contains Amazon Affiliate link. Recently we attended a Christmas party in which Santa was in attendance. Apollo sat on my lap and watched the kids line up to sit on Santa’s lap. He turned to me at one point … Continued

LEGO Mania {Star Wars Droid Tales}

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LEGO is more than a toy in our house, it’s an institution. A right of passage. I have 109 blog posts that mention LEGO. That’s a lot of LEGO-love right there. Just this morning on Facebook I posted a photo … Continued

LEGO: The Best Toy Ever

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{Post contains affiliate links}   Well, Apollo was generous enough to share his nasty cough-germs with me. I’m not surprised. He spent his two worst nights sleeping with his arms around my neck coughing (literally) in my face. So, I’m … Continued

LEGO Fever

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LEGO Fever is still in full swing over here. This is one toy that never, ever seems to get old. Building with LEGO will literally occupy my children for hours. It also, unfortunately occupies my living room floor. And table. … Continued

LEGO® Friends Heartlake Juice Bar

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 Recently Chuck took some of the younger kids (Kalina, Jubilee, Hezekiah and Tucker) to Seattle for a little adventure. I took full advantage of having Avi  all to myself and spent the evening building this LEGO® Friends Heartlake Juice Bar … Continued

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