Lego Wars

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I walked downstairs the other day to put Apollo down for a nap and stumbled unwittingly upon the Lego Wars… Five boys were well-armed and embroiled in a bitter battle…   There were an unknown number of casualties…and it looks … Continued

Lego Creationary

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When I saw the game Creationary at Timberdoodle, I knew it was a must for my Lego-crazed children! Unfortunately the description on the box didn't make it any too clear about how you play the game, so I wasn't exactly … Continued

Just A Peek

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into our little school. A Playmobil battle about to commence Thanks for all the great project suggestions. I am looking into several of them. I love the idea of candlemaking…we've never that and we don't have to fake power outages … Continued

Lego Love

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The Lure of Legos is still going strong in our house. Since we’ve begun the Learning With Lego Unit with my younger students, the older children have been drawn to the Lego table more and more.  One of the things … Continued


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With legos.   I'm sure many of you out there can relate to this. Hezekiah (6) has just discovered the joy of Legos in the last six months or so. The last two weeks however the stakes have been raised … Continued

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