Christmas Break

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Christmas break has been busy and I’ve had a hard time finding the opportunity to write in this space. Who knows how I managed to blog daily when I was homeschooling ten children…I think our routine was just different then. … Continued

School’s Cancelled…

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This week has been an unusual  week for us.  Enoch and Kalina had a break from their twice a week math class (the teacher is on vacation!) There was no school for Veteran’s Day, so we went swimming….and now today … Continued

Life Between Blog Posts

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This photo is Odin, and his grandfather. I photographed Odin’s birth last November. A lot goes on in my life, in between the blog posts. Even when I blog everyday. Not everything I do is interesting, or funny or available … Continued

Magnolia! {VBAC}

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  Monday I had the privilege of photographing the beautiful VBAC of baby Magnolia. You should really head over to Little Earthling Photography and look at all the photos! Nothing gives me the same energy and joy as photographing the … Continued

Bounty Hunters

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My children are clever. And brilliant. They are hardworking entrepreneurs. They also happen to be extortionists opportunists. Remember a few weeks back when we packed up our most treasured items, due to the fire on the mountain across from us? Along with … Continued

Print Your Photos, Please!

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I had a friend in high school whose house burned down. I remember being in her new house and peering around curiously. Lacking knickknacks and collectibles, the house felt almost austere. Counter tops were bare, shelves were nearly empty. What I found most … Continued