Lucas {Homebirth Photographer}

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Last Sunday night I was called to head out to Dana and Jeff’s house to photograph the birth of their second little boy. I got to know Dana a bit throughout her pregnancy, first with our consultation and then when … Continued

Me? A Maternity Photographer?

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Even though I have owned my photography business for five years, I used to think I wasn’t a “maternity photographer”. As much as I think the pregnant body is beautiful, I wasn’t into long scarves blowing in the wind over half … Continued

Devon and Owen’s New Sister

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Most of you regular readers know Devon (Adalia and Tilly’s friend) and Owen. Well they have a new baby sister, Ashlinn! Ashlinn was born late last week and I got to go visit in the hospital to get these newborn photos. First Ashlinn … Continued

The Home birth of Micah Jayne

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Well friends, last night I got the attend the birth of a beautiful baby boy…those photos aren’t edited yet (I’m fast but not that fast) so today I will share a few favorites from Micah Jayne’s home birth. Micah was … Continued

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