First Day of School {2015}

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  The first day of school has come and gone here in our house for everyone except Apollo (who starts this Thursday) and Tilly and Judah. The kids were excited to begin a new school year. There was some discussion … Continued

So Long, Summer

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Life is better with electricity. Just saying. Despite being a camping family, 62 hours of no electricity at home is a challenge. Let’s just say we did no laundry, Enoch and Judah were the only ones to brave showering in … Continued

Why Kindergarten?

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Yes, it’s true, Apollo’s hair is cut and he is getting ready for Kindergarten. Why? Why after homeschooling for so many years are you suddenly packing your youngest off to kindy? It’s a fair enough question with a  complicated answer. … Continued

Girls on the Run {2015}

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This year Jubilee participated in her school’s Girls on the Run group. Girls on the Run is so much more than a running group for girls. Not only do they train the girls to run, but each week involved a … Continued

Parent Fail Friday

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Last Friday was the kids annual Jog-a-Thon. I am sure every parent with a child in school understands the particular  level of awkwardness this brings. You can thank me now, my friends, that I don’t send my adorable children to … Continued

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