The {Really} Long Weekend

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Our long weekend was…long. My children have forgotten how to stay home for four days at a time, and while I’m feeling better, I am not feeling 100% after this cold.  Chuck, Judah, Enoch and Kalina were busy most of … Continued

Ben and Aaron Wrap Up

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Well, our time with Ben and Aaron, our favorite New Zealanders, is over. We had a blast while they were here. Hiking, extreme trampolining, hot air ballooning (just Ben and Adalia), swimming, the beach, ice skating, tie dying, a bonfire…it … Continued

Scouts and Honduras

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I sent Judah off yesterday on his first high adventure trip with the Boy Scouts. They are headed off for a week or so of canoeing up in British Columbia. Judah has worked any and every chance he got this … Continued


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A Baker's HALF-dozen, waiting at the SeaTac airport. Adalia home from her Honduran Horseback Adventure! Being Adalia, she pretty much talked the whole ride home. I can't wait to see her photos and hear more stories….She'll be blogging over at … Continued

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