Family Camping in the Rain

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Sometimes I set amazing goals for myself like: I will post on my blog every day. I will update Love on a Mission. I will do the laundry and shower. I will singlehandedly save the world and end hunger. And … Continued

Video Recap of the Oregon Coast

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Back from five days of camping on the Oregon Coast. Five days of camping with nine children. Do you have any idea how much STUFF it takes to “get away from it all” and live in the crowded, tiny campsite forest for a … Continued

Two Years of Marriage

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Two years ago I handed a piece of my heart to a man from New Zealand. He had fallen in love with my firstborn child, proven himself to be patient and dedicated (he waited two years for my daughter to … Continued

Shoe That Grows

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A month or two ago I stumbled across the most amazing thing on Twitter. It was the name that caught my eye: The Shoe That Grows. I started clicking around, intrigued by the very idea of a Shoe That Grows…I mean, is … Continued

Whatcom County Staycation

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This week the stars have all aligned just right. By some miracle: nice weather came together with time off work for Chuck and Spring Break for the kids…what are the chances? Next to nothing. Chuck works in construction which means … Continued