Farmer’s Market

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Many years ago when Chuck and I first moved to Washington we used to love spending Saturday morning at the Farmer’s Market with our children. Back then, we lived in a two bedroom duplex with a postage stamp sized yard. … Continued

Wedding Day

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Don’t forget: the wedding is at 11 PST. Live streaming begins at 10:30. For more photos of the cute couple, head over to my Sugar Daddy post at Little Earthling Photography.

Gearing Up for the Big Day

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This is what passes for entertainment when BEN! is around. No need to worry about safety, BEN!’s family owns a arborist business and he’s been doing this all of his life. And just for a little perspective, here’s the tree they … Continued

Wedding Planning Land

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{Thank you for the photos, Tilly!} It’s crunch time here in Wedding Planning Land. Sometimes its hard to believe that these two survived emailing/skyping/phoning for three solid years. Or that we survived Adalia and her long-distance romance.  I am trying … Continued

Wedding Plans 2014

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  People keep asking me how wedding plans are going and usually I’m thinking…”Shoot, I’m supposed to be planning something?!” BEN! and Adalia seem to have things under control, and since they are choosing a fairly untraditional wedding, I probably … Continued