Blueberry Picking Gone Wild

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Yesterday seemed like the perfect day to head to our favorite U-pick berry farm. The weather was fair, not to hot, not to cold. We all loaded up and were greeted like old friends (um, with thirteen children, you tend … Continued


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Remember this vest? One of my children (who shall remain nameless) tossed it in with Apollo's dirty cloth diapers. So it got washed. In hot water. It is now a tiny, felted newborn sweater. And I am mourning it's loss… … Continued


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The sun is up… …the sky is blue… …it's beautiful… and so are you. Dear Prudence  by the Beatles

Shooting the Photog

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Just the other day we got a little glimpse of spring…it was almost, well, warm outside. So out I went with my camera, only to discover another photographer in my woods… So I shot her. And she shot me. Though … Continued

Hezzy’s New Smile

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Yesterday was the big day. I took Hezekiah in to get two teeth pulled. After going over the options with our dentist, thinking, discussing with Chuck and doing a little research, we decided to do a little proactive-pulling. The idea … Continued

Apollo and Stuff

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By Tilly Apollo  Apollo eating a breadstick. He eats practically anything you give him. Only he likes to feed himself. Sweet baby! He likes to go around saying 'mamamamamamamamama' all the time. And he likes to yell 'AHHHHH' Doesn't he … Continued

A Little Q&A

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Apollo, 8 months old This is my new favorite photo of my favorite baby. It captures his personality so well. Mr. Serious…Mr. Thinker…Wearing one of the  many, many hats I’ve knit for him.  *sigh* But I’m not going to blog … Continued

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