Milo {Cabled Baby Vest}

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I just finished this little baby layette for a sweet friend who is having a baby any day now. This baby was quite a surprise to everyone, since my friend’s next youngest child is fourteen! Every stitch that went into … Continued

Swiffer Sweep & Trap

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I posted this on Facebook recently: I’m wondering why some people can pull of “vintage” or “shabby” but my house just looks like “post-apocalypse-gang-rioting-feral-kids-were-here”. Judging from the response I’ve gotten, I think a few people can relate. Broken cupboard hinges. … Continued

Valentine’s Day

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We aren’t huge on celebrating Valentine’s Day over here. Adalia was born two days before  our first married Valentine’s Day, so we weren’t exactly going out on the town with our two day old baby. And after that, well, we … Continued

Ruptured Appendix

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We’re in the hospital with Enoch. His appendix ruptured. He had surgery about 6:30 last night.  He’ll have to stay in the hospital until he’s fever free and his white blood cell counts are normal.  

Knitting Amazonia

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  Knitting. There is just something about the magic in taking some fiber and two sticks and turning it into clothing. I love creating things…but hate clutter. I am not interested in filling my house or life with knick-knacks. Photography … Continued

Heard Around My House…

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{Internet has been spotty and S-L-O-W so no photos today} Tilly: Mom, can Adalia use the computer? Me: Ummm…why do you want Adalia to use the computer? Tilly: Oh, just so she can check her email and stuff. NOT so … Continued

Wondershare Giveaway Winners!

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Sorry in the delay (I’ve been sick) but our winners are in! These were randomly chosen by Brandy C. Angie Stephanie G. Kelly C. Smith Bridget Kristen Anna Amy Patricia And remember, if you didn’t win, you can purchase … Continued

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