3 Photowall Ideas

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My favorite feature of our house is our large L-shaped living room. Two walls are covered with windows large windows the rest are adorned with photos. Photos are the *only* decoration on our walls, in fact. You might say I’m … Continued

Goods Reads

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My earliest memory of reading is sitting in my Grandma’s basement. My grandma had a collection of old Dick and Jane books she stored in one of those old-fashioned valises. This one was so old the leather was curling away … Continued

Star Wars Party

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,  It just so happens that Hezekiah was born on May the Fourth 2004…given my boys’ penchant for Star Wars these days combined with a May the Fourth that fell on a Saturday…well, lets just say it was easy to … Continued

Teens and Social Media

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Teens and social media is a hot topic these days. Everyone seems to have a different opinion (which is fine- I don’t believe there is one answer for every family) and many parents of younger children in particular are searching … Continued


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Once upon a time there was a mother with five lively children. The children were ages six, four, three, two and one. The mother was pregnant and tired, but she loved her children with all of her heart. One bright, … Continued

Pike Place Market

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Saturday was a fabulous day. I drove Adalia down to Seattle to meet up with her online friend, Ginny. Ginny found my blog around the time I was pregnant with Apollo and Adalia was taking her doula course at Bastyr. … Continued

Friday Focus: Tucker

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  Sweet, crazy, wild Tucker. Age 7. Tucker is all boy: Wild, impulsive, fearless. He loves to read. He loves to run and jump. He is great at chess. Tucker is our only leftie (out of 14 children). Tucker is … Continued

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