Christmas 2011

Christmas 2011 2

We had a lovely Christmas over here. It began with the much anticipated candlelight service at our church on Christmas Eve. Adalia and Tilly took advantage of the opportunity to dress up. Chuck and I decided to take turns staying home with Apollo, so I took the children to the Christmas Eve service and he took them Christmas morning.

Once my painfully shy children saw the camera come out it was all over. More and more wanted in the photos until it deteriorated into pandemonium.

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But that’s okay. We love them all the same.

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Christmas 2011 4

I set out the new Jonathan Park Cd’s we bought along with cups of hot cocoa and candy canes waiting and waiting and waiting for someone to notice them on Christmas morning. Finally, Enoch noticed and the children cheered with joy. I was able to buy all the Cd’s we didn’t have yet for 50% off last week. Yay for me (and Vision Forum, of course).

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While Chuck and the children were at church and Apollo was napping, I was able to stuff the stockings. It has been our tradion since we moved to Washington in 1999 to have the children put out their boots the night before Christmas…and it has served us well, but I’m afraid we need to come up with a new method. Why, you ask? Back in the day the rubber boots were occupied by preschoolers who stomped in puddles. Now they are occupied by teenage boys who mud wrestle and girls who muck out horse stalls. Enough said. Good thing I have 364 days to come up with a new plan.

Yesterday was filled with worship, family, food and fellowship.

Keziah and Boaz both chose to stay with friends they made through Job Corps for Christmas. We missed them but I am so glad they are making their own connections and putting down roots. Ezra spent the day with the Adams, so we had only eleven children here. It was our first Christmas without all of our children present, but that’s what growing up is all about I suppose…

I hope you holiday was filled with plenty of love and laughter.


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