Cookie Decorating 2008


One Christmas tradition we’ve had for years is decorating sugar cookies, then delivering them to friends. I learned early on to bake the cookies first (sans children) and just let them enjoy the decorating. I’ve also learned to do the frosting, and let them do the sprinkling.
Cookies 4
This year we decorated cookies with our entire Keepers at Home group. I never did an exact head count, but I’m pretty sure we had around thirty children here in our house, decorating cookies.
Cookies 2
Nikki, one of our Keeper’s moms, did a great job leading. She read a story about sharing the truth of Christ’s birth though the symbols in the cookies, then gave each child a set of the cookies in the story. In addition, we had dozens and dozens of other cookies to decorate.

Boys- cookies

This was one meeting we knew the boys would not want to miss out on, so Nikki supervised the boys.
Cookies toddlers

While Tami supervised the preschoolers.  Tami does an incredible job of keeping our little ones occupied during our meetings. This photo just doesn’t do it justice. I know there were at least four more toddlers gathered around this table.

Ruby 1
I’m pretty sure Ruby had the most fun of all.

Ruby 2


She really loved those red sprinkles.


Ruby 3


It was easy to tell, since she was eating them by the handful. Good thing you had her in a pink dress, Carolynn.


Last night we delivered plates of cookies to our neighbors. Neighbor is a relative term out here. We had to get in the van and drive to people’s houses. Most of them we had never met, despite living on the same road. We got a variety of reactions from the couple who acted like they had just won the lottery to the woman who looked like she thought I was going to pull a knife on her…and seemed truly perplexed about why strangers would  bring her cookies.


I really wanted to put in the effort to leave our comfort zone and deliver to people other than friends. And I’m really glad we did. The children spent Wednesday morning making handmade cards to go with our cookies. Now the neighbors probably think we’re crazier than ever, but you know what? I’m okay with that.
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  1. wow, col fun 🙂 in the 2nd photo, is that Kalina?? it’s the hair that throwing me between Kalina or Jubilee, the face reminds me of Kalina, but it the hair that reminds me of Jubilee 🙂 hehe strange I know haha

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