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20090918_7851 blog
How it is that I can't find one pair of scissors in the house, but Tucker and Avi both can find scissors and give themselves haircuts?!

20090918_7852 blog

Cause I'd really love to know…

(No picture of Avi's newest haircut…because of her curls they really don't show up in a photo….unfortunately it does limit me when trying to braid or pull it back…)

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  1. Simply. Love. It. ;-D

  2. Oh, and by the way….I don’t see *anything* wrong with the picture….lol

  3. There is a reason that hubby takes every pair of scissors he finds and locks them up in his workshop. 🙂 Too many hair cuts, pairs of curtains, important papers, etc shredded by my little helpers.

  4. You can’t find them because you are looking for them for good and not evil. Why is evil always so easy to find?

  5. Yeah I dont think its terrible looking…The fact that you can even TRY to keep the scissors up is amazing so good job there havent been more haircuts lately!

  6. Do you live at my house?
    (((HUGS))) Mama!

  7. I actually didn’t notice anything until the 2nd picture! Perhaps my attention to my own hair needs some work 🙂

  8. Hahahaha!!! I saw it straight away. The equivalent photo of my niece had a much sadder face! You obviously didn’t react they way her mum did when she came in. (Mind you, the haircut was a bit more far gone!) He’s still absolutely gorgeous though.

  9. But the good news is —- no stitches on that sweet little forehead…. hair grows back — definitely frustrating though.

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