Could Somebody Please Tell Me….

20090918_7851 blog
How it is that I can't find one pair of scissors in the house, but Tucker and Avi both can find scissors and give themselves haircuts?!

20090918_7852 blog

Cause I'd really love to know…

(No picture of Avi's newest haircut…because of her curls they really don't show up in a photo….unfortunately it does limit me when trying to braid or pull it back…)

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9 thoughts on “Could Somebody Please Tell Me….”

  1. There is a reason that hubby takes every pair of scissors he finds and locks them up in his workshop. ๐Ÿ™‚ Too many hair cuts, pairs of curtains, important papers, etc shredded by my little helpers.

  2. Hahahaha!!! I saw it straight away. The equivalent photo of my niece had a much sadder face! You obviously didn’t react they way her mum did when she came in. (Mind you, the haircut was a bit more far gone!) He’s still absolutely gorgeous though.

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