Cub Scout Photos

All I asked for was a picture of my boys in their Cub Scout uniforms….I whipped out my phone this is what happened.


And just for the record, Tucker does *not* wear his pants like that. That was for photographic purposes only.

This is the first Cub Scout meeting I’ve been able to attend with the boys this year (due to Apollo’s health issues). It was great to be there  and be a part of it. Crystal, you rock as a leader. In fact, Chuck brought up last night just how awesome you are!

And just for fun:

Crossover 2010 

Judah as a Webelos circa 2007

Here’s to many more years of Scouting!


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  1. By far, my favorite photos you’ve ever posted on your blog. They gave me a huge smile with my morning coffee. Thanks!

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