Deception Pass, Girls Night and Separation

The boys' campout at Deception PassThis   weekend Chuck took the boys camping at Deception Pass. Never mind that it is March. Never mind that it was damp and even raining. Never mind that Chuck worked a full day on his day off, Friday. That afternoon the boys packed after school and Chuck left with the five older boys for a night of camping when he got home from work.

The boys' campout at Deception Pass

I was so happy  to see that Judah took his camera along! And even took a couple of cute selfies.

It was also fun to see he’s got a bit of an eye for photography.

The boys' campout at Deception Pass

The boys' campout at Deception Pass

The boys' campout at Deception Pass

While the boys were gone, Apollo had his very first sleepover ever…at my parents house. He and Jubilee spent the night and Jubilee took care of his feedings. We are working hard on Apollo’s anxiety and attachment. He is afraid to be anywhere without a sibling or parent. This seemed like a good way to “stretch” him a bit. He had Jubilee and his grandparents but spent his first ever night away from home without his mom or dad!

We are working on Apollo and healthy seperation

We had another huge milestone with Apollo this weekend. It took a full year for him to go into his MomSpot (or church’s mom group) class and stay there alone. Most of the credit belongs to the mom working in there who helped Apollo…first she took him (crying, but he was four, for goodness sake) and suggested she set her timer for ten minutes, then they would go “check on mom”. A couple of weeks of that and he slowly began to stay without  checking. Now he loves MomSpot and loves his teacher! We have been trying to get him to go to Sunday School (simply to practice separation) but he  was always too scared to go without a sibling or parent. Yesterday I explained how each child has a number, and if he needed me or Chuck, they would just put up his number. I took him to class myself and spoke to his teacher (with Apollo in my arms so he could hear me). I simply told her that he was a bit nervous about staying alone, but I told him he could tell her if he need us so she could put up his number. And just like that he stayed, alone!

The boys' campout at Deception Pass

Friday night I was left with just three girls and Apollo. I decided we’d have a fun Girls Night In. We went and picked up pizza, salad and dessert pizza. We got a movie from Redbox (the new version of Annie).  

I am so thankful for a husband who enjoys spending time with our children and building memories.

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      He isn’t into photography at all, but has obviously picked up a few things from living in this house.

      Yes, I am SOOO excited for Apollo!

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