Different Stains Different Stages

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This post was sponsored by the Maker of OxiClean™ through their partnership with POPSUGAR Select. While I was compensated to write a post about their Max Force™  Laundry Stain Remover, all opinions are my own.

When I first got married, I knew a lot of things. I knew I wanted to have home births and homeschool my kids. I knew breast was best and sugar was bad. I read The Womanly Art of Breastfeeding, Spiritual Midwifery, and Homegrown Kids.
I knew a lot.

Unfortunately, I was lacking practical experience.

Different Stains for Different stages.

When Adalia was a newborn, I washed my very first load of cloth diapers. It was fun! It was amazing! It was shocking! The bright mustard yellow poop stained the diaper. I was in shock. Everything I read said the baby poo would come right out.
Brand-new cloth diaper: stained.

Hanging out in the sun wasn’t really an option since I lived where the sun don’t shine. Literally.
Okay, the sun shines in Alaska in February, but it is frozen outside…not the best for line-drying clothing. Yellow poo and a projectile-vomiting baby were my introduction to stain removers.

Up until this point stain remover was one of those frivolous extras…hardly a necessity! Now stain remover is as essential as toilet paper or my morning coffee.

We have been using OxiClean™ for years (after a blog reader suggested it).

I love the fact that these stain removers allow me to treat the stain and then leave the laundry for up to a week!

Oxiclean offers a variety of different stain removers for different stages.

 Red paint from a first-grade project.
 The textured dispenser on the OxiClean™ Max Force Gel allowed me to work the stain

remover into the fibers of the shirt….plus it was kind of fun.

Oxiclean offers a variety of different stain removers for different stages. 

Max Force Trigger is perfect for blood, spaghetti sauce, chocolate, barbecue sauce, and mustard. It did a great job removing about 90% of the stains on Apollo’s white shirt.

OxiClean™for detailed instructions on how to best use OxiClean™.

OxiClean™ Max Force Foam is best for grease, cooking oil and butter. It also did a great job of removing pen stains from Apollo’s shirt.

Oxiclean offers a variety of different stain removers for different stages.

Over the years I’ve learned a lot.
Breastfeeding is good, but fed is best. Even if fed means formula through a tube. Homeschooling is awesome, but our local elementary school is pretty cool too. And most importantly, baby poop sometimes requires stain remover.


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  1. Good old fashioned Amonia is my go to stain fighter that plus Fels Naptha soap. I pre-treat by rubbing in the Fels Naptha bar to coat the fabric, then pour amonia full strength on the stain and let it sit, sometimes rolling the item in a ball to keep it moist for a while. Wash as usual the next day. I also add a cup in loads of white underwear, takes BO odors out of cotton or cotton blend t-shirts and undies. It also took out the oil smell on my mechanic son’s work Dickies.

    I would buy formula stained items for next to nothing at garage sales if they were cotton or cotton blends, and use a toothbrush to scrub gel or liquid dishwasher soap and soak in a pail of hot water with BIZ enzyme additive overnight, then wash. If you pay 10 cents for a t-shirt or a onesie or sleeper, and it takes color out or doesn’t work, you are out only 10 cents. If you can rescue the garment, you win.

    When you get new shirts or clothes with buttons, dab a drop of clear nail polish on the thread you can see on the front of the button. It dries clear and keeps the thread from coming out and then you lose the button.

    Last but not least, I use Scotchgard fabric protector on new or unstained thrift store items or garage sale finds. I wash off any sizing on new items
    in washer with regular laundry soap but don’t put any softener in the rinse. Once the garment is dry I spray the neckline ribbing or collar, the front of the top and then the sleeve cuffs and the underside of the sleeves. Works good on cloth shoes like tennis shoes. If you can prevent the stains from getting into the fibers in the first place, the clothes stay nicer longer.

    • I use Fels Naptha, but really like the easy of just spraying and pretreating with Oxiclean. The Fels Naptha I have to soak and scrub. It is what I used to wash my laundry in Tanzania and Brazil.

      I cannot believe you got formula stained clothing clean! That’s amazing. Sounds like you could give a few stain-remover lessons to us. Those are some really great tips. Thanks so much for sharing!

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