How to survive repeated snow days...without losing your mind or divorcing your husband.

Endless Days of Winter {Snow Days}

How to survive repeated snow days...without losing your mind or divorcing your husband.

My immigrant husband fled to Canda with our six youngest children yesterday afternoon.

I suppose that isn’t a very politically correct way to talk given our current political climate. I make it a rule never to talk politics on the internet. Mainly because I don’t want to “accidentally” smash my computer to smithereens. Heck, I make it a point not to talk politics with my family because I kind of want to keep them too.


So let me rephrase my first sentence. Chuck took my six youngest kids (who apparently no longer attend school…it’s been canceled for tomorrow already) up to his homeland to visit his parents. I can’t say I did much complaining.

Or any at all.

How to survive repeated snow days...without losing your mind or divorcing your husband.

In addition to taking the kids to Canada, Chuck had the boys practicing with snowshoes…they love winter camping. Don’t ask, I don’t get it at all. And I’m pretty sure that he is the only person who would pair rubber boots with snowshoes.

He’s just that tough and rugged.

Snow in bed? Why's not like he has to get ready for school or anything...

Snow in bed? Why not? It’s not like he has to get ready for school or anything.

I love my kids. We homeschooled for 15 years. We had days, weeks when we were never apart. But here’s a little secret: when my kids were homeschooled they were much better at filling their time. Yes, we drove each other crazy. But they were used to our routine: breakfast, chores, learning activities.

Our school schedule is: wake up, eat breakfast, pack lunch, school, snack, chores (<—wishful thinking on my part), dinner, clean up, bedtime.

Days like today (and yesterday…and the day before…and the day before that) stretch out endlessly. By two weeks into our summer vacation, we have settled into our new groove. But right now? We aren’t there yet.

Avi had a friend over the other day and I surmised very quickly that she lives in a house void of snark and sarcasm. Poor girl.

And how, pray tell, did I come to this conclusion? I came to it because she took everything I said at face value. She is probably the only person who I have ever spoken to who’s done that. And she looked utterly horrified when, during the course of a conversation I said, “Because Tucker is my favorite child“.

Her face was positively crestfallen.

When I asked who her mom’s favorite child was, she said, “My mom doesn’t have a favorite“.

At this point, I had mercy on her (as I often do) and let her know I tell all of my children they are my favorite. Because it is true.

I think I made up for it by letting the girls bake (and then consume) coffee cake. They also frolicked in the snow and watched a movie, so I think we’re all good.

And I hope her mom isn’t reading this.

Just kidding.

Happy Snow Day to Us!


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  1. I hope her mother is reading this, and acquiring a sense of humor, if she doesn’t have one already. And I am one of those people who thinks it is one’s moral duty to talk politics on the internet, especially nowadays. Donald Trump is a !@#$%^&*()_!!! Who should be impeached. Yesterday.

    1. Melpub,
      The reason I don’t talk politics online is that I don’t feel it changes anything. I read and keep informed, for sure. I have strong opinions, but don’t believe FB or my blog is the place to debate those. I have seen so many, “Help me understand your point of view” posts that quickly turn into nasty attacks and arguments. As in, the original poster is asking the other side to explain their point of view (because, as they state, they want to understand), and then attacks that very point of view rather than listening.

  2. Totally unrelated comment since apparently we are a skipping Winter in Arkansas We are taking a trip to New Zealand to do a driving tour of North Island soon and I’m planning plane distractions for our nearly 4 y/o. We want to get him some Lego junior because it will hopefully be exciting since it will be his first big kid Lego. What are your experienced opinions on a building kit suitcase with instructions vs a mini tackle box full of general Lego pieces? I want to get the longest possible amount of distraction time out of whichever we choose.

    1. Personally I am a huge fan of the LEGO Juniors. I have found 4&5 is the perfect age for them. The instructions are more simple and some pieces already joined. Apollo loves the challenge of putting a set together. In fact, when he gets a new set he will put it together and almost immediately take it apart and start over. He will do this ten or more times in the first week he has a new set!

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