Entropy and the Large Family

Universe Today defines entropy perfectly: the natural tendency of the universe to fall apart into disorder. This isn’t a mere observation or opinion, this is hard science, my friends. Multiply entropy in the average family home by two or three and you have my house.

Can you tell I’m feeling a wee bit overwhelmed? We had a great week. I had lesson plans in place for my homeschoolers. We made morning work and homeschooling our top priorities. We did Story of the World two days and our Apologia science one day. We also had several appointments scheduled throughout  the week. Meals were made and the laundry bins were empty. And yet….so many areas of my house were cluttered and in a state of disarray.

I seriously don’t understand how things can get so messy, so quickly…It’s not like there were piles of toys out. Oh no…what I was tripping over were: crumpled papers, dirty laundry,  books, school books, spoons, yarn, pencils…CRAZY stuff that never should have been our in the first place. HOW does it get so messy, so fast?!

IMG_2560 blog

You see that pile of shoes and boots? That is some (yes, SOME) of the shoes and boots that were in our entryway. Now, our house has a good-sized entryway. We’ve added hooks to the wall for backpacks and a closet organizer for maximum efficiency. And, some of the boots/shoes/sandals in this photo just arrived in our house earlier this week. They came in the form of hand-me-downs and hadn’t been put in our storage room yet. Oh, and see the pile of coats on the left? Yeah, I didn’t have the heart to take any more photos.

So, we pulled everything out of the entryway and Tilly, bless her heart, offered to mop it. Meanwhile, we sorted dozens of shoes and boot and sandals. It’s like some crazy, depressing word problem in math…

If thirteen Bergerons each have three to five pair of shoes or boots in the entryway, how many minutes until Renee losses her mind?

Yeah. The good news is, the entryway is clean, mopped and decluttered. The kids cleaned their rooms and our living room has been thoroughly cleaned (moved and swept under the couch, decluttered the shelves, etc). Oh, and we now have dozens of pens and pencils…up from the 3.5 we had this morning. My original projects for the day (paperwork, returning emails, clearing off our dining room counter) have not even been touched yet.


At least I know I won’t be bored.




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17 thoughts on “Entropy and the Large Family”

  1. My entrance way looks like this often (except that is fairly small). I have a daycare in my home so on any given morning there are anywhere from 2-7 extra kids on top of my three all arriving with backpacks/diaper bags, and in winter (I live in Edmonton Alberta) boots, coats, snow pants and other winter gear. Plus some days a double stroller to stow the ” littles” on while we trek the big kids off to school. It never ceases to amaze me how quickly a tidy house becomes completely untidy….hopefully you will get ore crossed off your actual list tomorrow.

  2. YES! And don’t mention socks, right? I’ve started just dumping them into one laundry basket and when people start wandering around looking for socks I know its time to sort. Time for THEM to sort-you know, the people looking for socks? ‘Cause I’m not sorting socks (or doing laundry) around here anymore 😉

  3. That always happens to me when I have been gone for a bit. I seem to notice every thing out of place, I never noticed before I left. 🙂 To battle the sock issue, I put out a basket for socks to live in when kids get home. Idealy they would re-wear them, but what happens is it just keeps dirty socks together. 🙂 atleast they are not out every where.

  4. You just made me feel so much better life has been a wee bit hectic around here, as long as no one looks in my room we are fine (that is where all the clean laundry is and all the stuff from all the med trips we just finished lets just say I think it is a couch night for sleeping again) I have 17 days to get the house back into swing before I go back out of town again.

  5. That’s my house! How in the world did we end up with all this stuff? It’s not like I never purge or pick up anything. And by the way, these kinds of posts are my favorite…Large family living at it’s best.

  6. Yes. Exactly. In a reclaiming of the kiddos’ bedrooms, I did discover that apparently the pencils are walking to my six year old’s bed. Naturally that is where the pencils should go right? Yep. I hear ya.

  7. We don’t even have an entryway, so everything just gets dumped in the living room/dining room and then migrates. It is a CONSTANT battle keeping up with it and I only have five!

  8. Oh my gosh, the shoe photo kind of makes my head spin! I only have three and you’d swear a millipede left all his footwear in my mudroom. Go figure!

    And ENTROPY? That’s what I called my first car. You know, because it means that things break down.


  9. Some days I wish we lived somewhere warm so we wouldn’t need to wear shoes!

    Shoes are right up there with potty training in my book. A necessary evil.

    One day we’ll miss all those shoes…or at least the little people that have grown out of them! Oh how blessed we are!

    1. bakersdozenandapolloxiv

      I once read in a de-cluttering book that each child only needs two pair of shoes…well, in our climate, three is the bare minimum: shoes, rubber boots, sandal…

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