Pack a Football Mom Survival Kit for you or a friend.

How to Host a Fabulous Football Party

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How to host a fun football watch party.

I loved the lively discussion going on over at Facebook and in the comments in m post about balancing sports with family time. The discussion definitely confirmed to me that our lives are busy and full enough without adding in sports teams. On the other hand, school has definitely kindled an interest in football for my kids. I can appreciate their desire to watch the occasional game on TV  (the last two years we’ve actually had Super Bowl parties) even if I don’t enjoy it myself. Recently we headed to my parents’ house for a watch party. While I can’t exactly muster enthusiasm about the game itself, I am always up for a good party and hey, this was a fun afternoon our  family spent together. Score! (Get it? SCORE?)

Here are my best tips on How to Throw an Epic Football Party (even if you’re not a fan).

Football party ideas. Food, games, decorations and more.


Decorations can make or break a party. One of the easiest ways to throw a fabulous party is to settle on a color theme. We were having a football party but I really wanted to move beyond brown, green and footballs. I settled on Red and Black because it is the color of our local high school football  team and I planned to make a Football Mom Survival Kit for my friend. What can I say? It’s all about the details when you are throwing a fun party. I was able to find everything I needed at Walmart, including the cute little locker baskets which were on clearance…in just the colors I needed!

Football party ideas. Food, games, decorations and more.


Kids’ Craft Station:

Be sure and set up a well-stocked kids station. Even kid who loves football can get bored during a game. For our party I had a selection of crafts available. We covered a small table with craft paper and set out crayons. At another table we had canvas bags and fabric paint. This gave the kids something to occupy their time when they weren’t actively watching the game.


Even the adults can get restless during a football game (I can, anyway). We love the game Would You Rather, so I created our own sports themed Would You Rather. This is great for playing during the commercials. You can download mine here or make your own. 

Download the fun Mad Libs app to your phone, or download my printable for another fun game.

Last year when we had our Super Bowl Party, I bought a box of full-sized candy bars. Every time our team scored, we drew a name out of a hat and that person got to choose a candy bar.


We all know the  best part of a party is the food. A while back my sister-in-law and kids were visiting and she brought us Buffalo Chicken Wings. Tucker loved these and has been asking for them ever since. I decided to surprise him with some homemade ones. He was thrilled! Below is our game day menu, with recipes!

Buffalo Chicken Wings

Ranch and Blue Cheese Dressing for dipping

Balsamic Chicken Wings

Bacon Wrapped Jalapeno Poppers

Balsamic Popcorn

Veggie Tray

Hummus with Kalamata Olives (roughly chop Kalamata olives and mix into hummus. Simple and oh-so-delicious)

Ranch and Blue Cheese Dressing for dipping

And of course classic  Coca-Cola and Coke Zero™ in case there are any parched throats from cheering so loudly!

Chicken wings are the perfect food for watching the football game together as a family!

Balsamic popcorn is delicious and easy to make.

Buffalo wings are the perfect foot for football watching parties!

While my family watched the football game, I assembled a fun Football Mom Survival Kit for my friend, Susie.

Susie is a dedicated mom who goes to every game she can and usually brings along her eight year old twins as well. Now that is commitment. I decided to pack her a little survival kit to take along with her to the games. I tried to include items for her, her football playing son and her twins.

Pack a Football Mom Survival Kit for you or a friend.

Football Mom Survival Kit:

POWERADE Mountain Berry Blast and POWERADE Fruit Punch to keep her and her athlete hydrated.

Bible Study Book

Notebook and Pen (to keep her occupied when those games go into overtime)

Mini cooler to hold snacks and drinks for her and her kids.

Stadium seat so she can survive those long games with her back intact.

I found the POWERADE in the beverage section at Walmart.Pack a Football Mom Survival Kit for you or a friend.

For the twins:

Canvas bag

Paint to decorate bag

Coloring book

Crayons and colored pencils

Socks in team colors

Hair ribbon in team colors

Mini football in team colors

Small toys

Glow sticks for night games


Football party ideas. Food, games, decorations and more.

I love putting together fun gift “baskets” and can’t wait to show this one to Susie.

I hope you enjoyed this and feel confident enough to plan your own football watch party.

Whether you are a football fan or just a fan of parties like me,  the most of your game days by heading to for more tips on how to  throw an awesome game day party.


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  1. So thrilled that I “scored” the survival kit. I love it, as do the twins. Even the big guys were fighting over items. The kit will sure help my game experience tomorrow night. Go Baker. Thanks Renee.

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