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Choose Your Favorite Photo. Please.

It’s that time of year again. I am about to head off (well, not really off since its only about 20 minutes from my house) to our annual photography conference, PhotoLUSH. Each year they have a Print Salon where we each get to display one of our favorite photos. I need a little help choosing. Can you  tell me which is your favorite photo, and why?

Thanks so much!

1. Help me choose my favorite photo

2.Help me choose my favorite photo


Help me choose my favorite photo


Help me choose my favorite photo


And also…I’m scheduled to speak at our church’s moms group later this month. I have been given free rein, but have no idea what to speak about. The speaker coordinator suggested talking about journaling and blogging….but I don’t know.

If you had the chance to hear me speak, what would you want to hear me talk about? It can be anything, really, except for photography, we already has a speaker on that this year.


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59 thoughts on “Choose Your Favorite Photo. Please.”

  1. My favorite photo is #1 because of the old skin/new skin contrast, that intricacies of the face with hands (vs. the blackout face in #3-the tunnel-even though I love that one too), and because it looks less posed.

    I suggest large family logistics as a topic. No, it won’t apply to all, but perhaps they’d still like aspects of how you plan things out. šŸ™‚

  2. I also like the top one, for the same reasons. It drew me in instantly, and none of the others had the same impact for me….

    1. Crystal in Lynden

      Before I even read this comment I was going to write this. Yes #3 and your adoption journeys. It’s very realavent to families. Many adopt while they still have little ones in the home.

      1. Crystal in Lynden

        Ok – I have to chime in again. I like #3 because it makes me study it. Maybe it’s the clean curves and no distractions. I study it and wonder – is the child running into the tunnel or out of the tunnel. My eyes don’t quite give me an answer – at least not on this little phone. I also think it’s more unique.
        Old hands holding baby – while beutiful in sentiment – I’ve seen it before. It doesn’t bring me the emotional connection #3 does. I get to read into #3 more of what I want.
        Ok, I’m done.

  3. sonja snowflake

    i also like no.1 best, because i love the contrast between the giant hand and the tiny newborn šŸ™‚

    not sure what i’d like to hear you talk about, but i’d definitely love it if you started with one of your real life fails- those are usually hilarious and i’m quite sure that a good laugh will get you everyone’s attention!

  4. Another vote for #1. It has the right balance of light/dark, the baby’s face is following the rule of thirds (or whatever the real photographic term), and the old hands on the new babe add even more balance.

  5. #3 The boy in the tunnel. His face is in shadow, his reflection shoots ahead of him, he’s running toward the viewer. This is the only photo that engages the viewer and invites them into the moment.

  6. #3 and share about adoption. I think it would be a powerful story, but also, so many lessons and blessings learned and experienced.

  7. I vote for #3. It seems natural, has movement in contrast with the still tunnel. And the light and shadows, I love how the kid is dark despite there is light in the tunnel. What most attracts me though is that i cannot really see the protagonist, the center of the photo is in the shadows. (I hope i am understandable)

  8. I like number 2! I love how it shows the whole family together, but in a personal, natural way. The lighting is great. My favorite thing about it is the interaction between the siblings, even though one of them isn’t born yet

    1. I agree totally šŸ™‚ While I love all your photos, this one captured my attention far more than the others because of how unique it is. No.1 & 4 have definitely been done before and 3, while striking, appears to me still essentially a child at play. I love love love number 2 for exactly the same reasons as Mary has said above.

  9. Picture #1 is the most compelling to me. I love it.

    If I were going to listen to you present, I’d want you to approach topics the same way you do on your blog – just open, honest, funny conversation about your real life.

    Maybe some ‘behind the scenes’ type stuff such as what it is like to write a post and have it generate lots of discussion or controversy; how you have navigate the balance between disclosure and privacy; posts that surprised you the most because of the feedback and/or posts that you found the most self-discovery by writing…

    Once I heard a popular local author speak about one of his books. After he discussed the book’s content, he did a Q&A about his experiences writing/publishing in general and it was so interesting. I think the audience really connected well to that.

  10. My favorite is 3 (boy in the tube). I love the lighting. My second favorite is #1, love the contrast between the sweet soft baby and the working hands.

  11. I like #4. Very intimate. I second the vote for adoption, especially the challenges of adopting older kids. Raising them once they come home, integrating them into a new life and possibly new society, that’s hard. BTDT. More people might consider it if they knew they weren’t alone.

  12. I can totally see why you’re having trouble choosing! But I have to agree with the majority, the contrast between young and old caught me first, and had the most impact.

  13. Cecily spencer

    #1 Talk about how you keep moving forward in faith. How do you access God when there is hurt and things that you cannot control in your life lile Apollo’s illness’s, mental illness and other tough challenges you face.

  14. These are all lovely photos, so it’s hard to choose, but if compelled to do so, I guess I do like the first two better: (1) I like the contrast of the aged hand and the newborn baby and (2) I like the child’s curiosity about the sibling who is still inside. On the question of what I’d like to hear you talk about: I think any problem you’ve had and solved and could help other mothers solve would be interesting. If this is a first talk, maybe a little humor would be a good idea too. But I can see you as the MOM EXPERT offering advice that women need to hear. You could take up eating problems, discipline problems, moments when you lost your cool, how to function on no sleep, rude teenagers, fat kids, skinny kids (I’ve got both) … but anything you would really LOVE to discuss is best.

  15. Number 1 is my favourite due to the contrast of old and young. I would love to hear you speaking about large family logistics and laughs!

  16. Peg in Seattle

    I vote for picture number 3 for the same reasons the others have given.
    As for your talk, I remember when you told us of your and Chuck’s decision on sending the children to school because of the many roadblocks put in place that was interfering with your lifelong plans to homeschool your children. I remember your posts and how distraught you were, wondering if you were making a mistake but knowing it had to be done because of the medical problems that were taking up so much of your time you would be unable to give your children the attention they would need if you continued homeschooling. You could talk about how one overcomes such a disappointment and coming to accept the fact that sometimes one needs to find another road to travel, that sometimes there are detours in life.

  17. my favourite is 1. my favourite thing to hear you speak (write!) about is `bringing the fun`- your themed parties and pursuit of joyful mothering.

  18. #1 for the reasons already mentioned. Very sweet. The others seem like more typical poses to me. Pretty but not as interesting.

  19. raymondsquad14

    #1 made me stop and look at the most.

    As for a topic, I would to hear you speak on homeschooling and your decisions for each of your children on their education.

    Love your pictures!

  20. I like number 1 for the generational theme…and I also like #3 for the composition and the lighting. I like them all, actually, but if I had to choose….

  21. Tough choice but number 1 for the big/small, old/new contrast.

    As for topic, I would love to hear how your parenting beliefs etc have matured over the years. If I could speak to myself 10 years ago it wouldn’t have been about logistics but showing grace to my kids, other Mums and myself.

  22. Another vote for nĀ°1!
    I’d like to hear you share about family life with so many kids of different ages/different stages in their lives. I often wonder how you do it. I only have two boys (13 and 8) and sometimes find it difficult to find things to do as a family that they both really enjoy.

  23. I like number 2 – that finger!
    I think you should consider talking on plans – how you had to work through conforming your plans about schooling with what God has happening in your life this year. I think a lot of women map out their lives just as you did, with the idea of perfection in mind, and then struggle to know how to work through things when they don’t turn out that way. It sounds like you had a real journey with that decision, and it’s one I think people could really learn from. That what you think is the right and most godly plan for your family might not actually be what God wants for you right now. We all tend to think in black and white and assume our plans are the best plans for all people in all situations. I think your experience goes to show that it isn’t the case, and that when they change it doesn’t mean that God has abandoned you.

  24. #3. I love the lighting, definition, yet ambiguity.
    I read many descriptions about how this photo is related to adoption, but I think it is so much more. It is hard to put in words but I will try.
    It evokes the willingness, fearlessness, of running down a dark tunnel – willingly leaving that which is bright and easy for an adventure ahead and at full force, even with an unknown at the end, even if it means going into the dark. It is empowering. If only as adults, we could keep the willingness we had as children.

  25. 1 & 4 are practically photo cliche’s at this point. I’ve seen 100’s of almost identical photo’s. So whilst they are technically very good, I find then less interesting.

    I love how #2 tells a story. Mother & father explaining to their toddler that he’s going to have a new brother/sister who is inside mommy’s tummy.

    #3 is a very visually entertaining photo. The entire photo is attention worthy and not just the child.

    My vote would probably go with #2, and #3 a close second.

  26. I LOVE # 1…. The older, rougher, lived in hands, compared to the new soft baby hands, it’s just SO precious!! šŸ™‚ Oh, and I would love to hear you speak on balancing your Little Earthling Photography, blog, and busy life with a large family!

  27. #1-those big strong hands around the tiny baby!

    Speak on the seasons of womanhood, motherhood, and family life. Changes, transitions, youth and middle age. It helps to have perspective on where we are in the journey.

  28. I love the first picture. I love the contrast between the old hands and the baby. What a picture of generational love.

    I would love to hear you speak about your choices to put your kids in public school. It would be a great topic to talk about God’s goodness and His paths verses our own planning. Also, it would be a fantastic way to help other homeschooling families know that the public schools aren’t out to get them. :o)

    Other topics that would work, depending on your audience, would be fun after school crafts and stuff with the kids; how you felt letting your kids become independent – anywhere from early childhood to marriage; and how to throw parties that don’t make you stressed out.

    In fact, I would love to read your views on letting kids become independent and unstressful parties. :o)

  29. #1. My eye keeps stopping on the Carrhart logo and then drawing parallels between the mother’s labour and the father’s.

    I think you should talk about party planning/hosting/hospitality without being pinterest perfect (and I mean that as a total compliment to your party planning skills!)

  30. I like #1 and #3. #3 is more original, #1 is the perfect version of something every photographer tries to do.

    I would like to hear you talk about the challenges of older child/international/interracial adoption, but perhaps that’s not suitable for a community of people who know your children and your family personally.

  31. My immediate thoughts (before reading all of the comments, which are mostly the same as mine) were #1, with #3 a close second, and talk about adoption. I’d be interested in the similarities, differences, different challenges, etc. between international and native/national adoption, and perhaps adopting younger vs. older kids.

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