Sky fishing by Gideon Sterer

Favorite Picture Books We’re Enjoying

These books were sent to me for consideration by Abrams Books. This post contains affiliate links but I received no compensation for this post.Stack the Cats is a clever witting book that teaches basic math concepts.

Stack the Cats by Susie Ghahremani is a brightly colored, clever book that teaches basic math concepts.

Your little one will count the cats on each page and will be laughing at the different stacks of cats. I am a huge fan of teaching math concepts through story books and Stack the Cats fits the bill.

Today I Feel is a fun alphabet book that explores feelings.

Today I Feel an Alphabet of Feelings by Madalena Moniz is an alphabet book that explores different feelings. I love alphabet books in general but I really love the illustrations in this one. Madelena Moniz is an illustrator based in Lisbon and she has the ability to capture a variety of feelings in her simple, muted watercolor paintings.

Sky fishing by Gideon Sterer

Skyfishing (A Grand Tale with Grandpa) by Gideon Sterer is a quirky book that pulls you in from page one.

The story is about a grandpa who is sad to leave his cabin in the woods and move to the big city with his extended family. Grandpa has a long, lonely winter until he and his granddaughter begin skyfishing from their apartment.  They catch a variety of items such as Laundry Eels, Flying Litterfish, and Furry Snappers.

Apollo and I love the bright, lively drawings in this book. The names of the creatures they catch are witty and the illustrations draw you in over and over again.

Deep in the Forest by Josef Anton

Deep in the Forest by Josef Anton (illustrated by Lucie Brunelliere) is a lift-the-flap board book. This book has bright illustrations with and colors of animals you might find deep in the forest.

What I love about Deep in the Forest is it is a seek-and-find book that doesn’t leave me wanting to gouge my eyeballs out with a spoon (come on, you know the books I’m talking about). The illustrations are fun to look at and the book is chock full of fun information.

Deep in the Forest by Josef Anton

This is a board book, so it is relatively safe for young kids who are still ripping the pages of books.

Barnyard Boogie: Come see what happens when all the animals except cow can play an instrument.

Barnyard Boogie by Tim McCanna and Allison Black has bright, lively illustrations. This book tells the story of all the animals having a boogie…except poor cow who doesn’t play any instrument at all.

Apollo loves the silly sounds the animals make and he enjoys seeing the animals play their various instruments…I mean, check out the goat playing the sax with no fingers! It makes him giggle every time.

A Good Day for a Hat by T. Nat Fuller and Rob Hodgeson. Bear has a hat for every occasion…but every time he chooses a hat and goes outside, something has changed and the hat is no longer appropriate. Kids will love to watch bear change and adapt to each situation…and will especially enjoy the fun conclusion with his friends.

Apollo said this was his favorite out of all of these.

These are just a sampling of the picture books we have been enjoying lately. You are never, ever too old to enjoy picture books. I know this because every time I start reading these aloud to Apollo I gather a crowd.

What are your current favorite picture books?

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