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I wrote a 'newspaper article' about a corpse last week. I also wrote 2 'letters'. The first one was a detective writing about a robbery and the second, was a forensic scientist writing back. On the first letter I taped my finger print onto the paper. I really like reading forensic science. I might be a forensic scientist when i grow up!
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  1. Thank you, Guest Blogger Tilly. It’s great to hear from you! 🙂

  2. Sounds like you are getting a great start. Keep up the good work. My kids would sure be interested in reading your blog if you had one of your own.

  3. That’s great Tilly! I think forensic science is pretty cool. My twins did a science project about fingerprints and how even identical twins do not have the same fingerprint swirls. We went and saw the crime lab, spoke with a forensic scientist and police officers. It was really neat!

  4. Great job, Tilly! 🙂

  5. My cub scouts den leader is a crime scene investigator for the BPD, so I’ll ask him about homeschooling tours. Love the matching hat & mittens! Would like to see that photo in color as well.

  6. That’s really cool Tilly. Solving crimes is hard work! Do you like the Encyclopedia Brown books?

  7. Clever girl. 🙂 Beautiful photo, Renee! I think I’ll be coming to you for tips now.

  8. Oh my gosh! I had to look at that picture again…Tilly, you favor your older sister SO much! Great job on your future goals! We’re all so proud..:)

  9. She is so precious! God bless her! Reach for the stars, Tilly and be anything you want to be!

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