Happy Birthday Boaz {18}

Boaz is eighteen. Eighteen…can you believe it? He and Keziah came home yesterday so we could celebrate.

It doesn’t seem like so very long ago that these two young men…

…were just two little boys from different parts of the world just getting to know each other.

This is the only photo I snapped of Keziah…sorry.

Apollo (23 months) and Boaz (18).

Apollo loved having Boaz back. He kept following him around and asking to play “soccer ball”. And cutest of all, he pronounced Boaz: BOY-az.

Keziah is one test away from her GED and is 60% done with her job training (in business). Boaz is working on his GED and training carpentry. We are so very proud of them!


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4 thoughts on “Happy Birthday Boaz {18}”

  1. All I can think of is how different his life would have been if you had not wanted to love them and brinng them into your family.they now have health and love and most importantly they have a future that is something most take for granted.the chance to get a job and go on to have a family of their own…you see it as just loving them because they are your children…but you have done so much more.

  2. I love the comparison photos of Boaz and Judah! I’m glad Apollo’s old enough to have clear memories of his older siblings that don’t live at home so that he can great them enthusiastically. Fun times.

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