Heart Warrior, Age Five

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Apollo was born with double aortic arch and has had a feeding tube for four years.

This little guy has only six more weeks to be a five-year old…and less than that to be a kindergartener. I cannot believe how much he has grown in confidence since the beginning of the school year. This time last year he developed a terror of the floor. That’s right, my friends, a terror of the floor in our house. His siblings were at school all day and he was miserable, scared and refused to get off my lap or touch the floor.

All. Day. Long.

In my wisdom as a mother, gleaned from nearly twenty years of parenting, I realized that this was not healthy and he likely wasn’t learning much huddled in fear, sitting on my lap or riding on my hip all day long.

It was too late for preschool (I looked into it) so we made the choice to enroll him in kindergarten as a very young five-year old. Apollo was born with double aortic arch and has had a feeding tube for four years.

He has grown and bloomed before our very eyes. In the past year he has:

Slept through the night more than ever before. 

Made new friends.

Overcome his fear of the floor.

He will now sit at the table, in his own chair at meal times. A year ago he still had so much anxiety he had to sit on my lap and would often still not eat anything.

He has learned to say so many new sounds in speech therapy and is so much easier to understand. This, in turn, has led to him eating consistently. I believe my hunch about speech therapy helping him learn to eat was spot on.

He weathered his dental work like a champ.

Apollo was born with double aortic arch and has had a feeding tube for four years.  

These things are life-changing events for Apollo. He has missed a lot of school and weathered pneumonia this winter, but overall has stayed healthy and strong. 

Apollo, our heart warrior.

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  1. Réka

    My goodness, where did all the blond curls go?!?! He looks so much like Tucker in these pictures…

  2. Réka

    Also, on a side note, I started reading your blog when you published Apollo’s birth story. After reading it, I went back and started reading the blog from page 1, and have been reading ever since. 🙂

  3. Melpub

    Hurray for Apollo! And yes, the blond curls were adorable . . . same thing happened with my firstborn . . .

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