Hezekiah Takes On Camp X


Hezekiah, age 5. Photo by Tilly

Yesterday I noticed Hezekiah carefully sticking a bookmark in this book (Camp X by Eric Walters). He then told me he had just finished the first couple of pages. I have to admit, I didn't quite believe him. I asked him to read me a bit. He opened the book and proceeded to read the following:

"A twig snapped under my feet and I froze at the sound. How far had the noise  travelled? Had I been heard? My heart raced and I held my breath, listening, listening. There was nothing but the sound of crickets softly chirping in the twilight". 

The only word he needed help with was "twilight". 

I don't anticipate him making it through the whole book, the print is tiny and the book is long, but wow. He's been reading a little less than a year (he began last december). Another plug for Teach Your Child to Read in 100 Easy Lessons. I find the book boring and tedious, but it's worked seven times over for my children now.

Looks like we'll have to check out the large type books at the library…Hezekiah needs some new reading material.

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7 thoughts on “Hezekiah Takes On Camp X”

  1. More than a plug for the method that he learned to read, it’s a plug for your brilliant boy! I’ve always know he was really smart, but wow, that is fantastic. It’s so great to see our kids succeed, whatever it’s in.

  2. That’s awesome! I’m so glad he likes to read, it’s awesome when a kid grows up liking books, especially a boy. Not to be sexist, but often boys aren’t encouraged to be readers as much as girls are. Have any of your kids read Ender’s Game? I think Hezekiah might be too young for it, haha, but your older children might like it. It’s a classic, my favorite book ever since I read it in 7th grade, but it’s a little intense too. I highly recommend it. Also, Zilpha Keatley Snyder is a good author. I loved her books too. Tamora Pierce is great if you like fantasy. I’d better stop now, I could go on and on about books. =D

  3. That is so awesome! Audrey just literally read her first word ever a couple of hours ago and I am so excited! Since she is my first, I am in awe of how it just clicks one day and they take off- I thought it was going to take so much more work from me! I know realistically Elliot could end up being much different, but today was definitely one of those happy homeschooling days ๐Ÿ™‚

  4. That is so wonderful! I bought this book based on your glowing recomendation (you should be getting a cut, eh?). When did you start your little ones on it? My boys love books so I am a little nervous to overwhelm and squash their interest.

  5. My niece has just begun to have an interest in the letters that form words and the sounds that they make, so I’ve begun to teach her phonics — very, very slowly, since she is much younger than I had thought of teaching her. Basically I’m just trying to let her set the pace. It’s just in the last few days that she’s started chaining two letter sounds together into a syllable, and trying to sound out street signs and writing that she sees everywhere. It is amazing to watch and thrilling to be a part of it. Although I’m taking it slowly, I can hardly wait until she reads her first story! I’m using my own phonics program for now and I intend to use Bob Books as incentives — I’ll give her each one to read on her own (without first telling her what it says) as soon as I know she’s able to sound out all the words in it. It is awesomely thrilling! And I don’t think that she thinks she’s doing anything particularly amazing! (She already knows how to take advantage of it, too. Yesterday she caught me as I was getting ready to work — I work at home — and asked me to read a book to her. How could I refuse when I’m teaching her to read right now? So I did, and she got me to read the whole entire book, which took about an hour. Needless to say, I worked late that day.)

  6. I’m with you on Teach Your Child to Read in 100 Easy Lessons. Boring, tedious, yep. But it works. My firstborn is quite the reader these days, thanks to that book and the “click” that occurred in his brain as he learned to read. Amazing!
    I’m sure he would enjoy the book that Hezekiah is reading, but I think I’ll wait a little while since the subject matter seems a little mature. What age would you recommend? I’ll keep it in mind for the future; it’s always fun to discover new authors. Thanks! ๐Ÿ™‚
    Great job to Tilly on the photo, by the way!

  7. I love that book, considering I live about 10 blocks from Camp X! Eric Walters is a cool guy, my dad went to University with him. What a small world! He also does school visits. Maybe if you banded together with some other homeschool groups you could have out there to see you

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