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Yesterday during school, one of my children ran into a word they didn’t know: “eliminate”. I explained the meaning, and made a mental note of it. I’ve always put a high priority on vocabulary since language is how we communicate with each other. Now that I have three children for whom English is not their first language, it’s even more important.

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At dinner last night, I wrote the word “eliminate” on our dry erase board, explained the meaning to the children, and used it in the sentence. We then went around the table, and I had everyone else use “eliminate” in a sentence. When Enoch  said, “I want to eliminate my brother” I took the time to explain that if you refer to eliminating a specific person, it’s a euphemism for killing them.

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The kids got a kick out of that, so we then had several sentences about eliminating fleas, and ants, etc.

Tucker (3)  was so excited about using this word in a sentence, he was bouncing in his chair. When we finally got to him he said:

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“I want to eliminate….ummm….ummm…umm….when you die, I’m going to eat all the candy in the world!”

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