My friend Hilary mentioned to me a few weeks back that she was going to read Little House in the Big Woods to her children in February, and that their homeschoooling would revolve around that for the month. I begged her to allow us to come along for the ride. So, February on the Prairie was born. I am sure she’ll be blogging about it too, so you may want to get her perspective as well.

Today will be our first official day. We will read chapter one, and and also a story book version for my littlest ones. However, since we actually had snow accumulation earlier this week, we have done one of our projects already.

I found this recipe for “Molasses on Snow Candy” in The Little House Cookbook:

Only three ingredients were needed: snow, molasses and brown sugar. Since there is no guarantee that we will have more snow, I took advantage of what we had. I sent Adalia out to fill a pan with snow.

I boiled the brown sugar and molasses until it hit the “hard ball” stage, then we poured it over the pan of fresh snow. Quickly I realized that I did not have enough pans for the job so…

I took advantage of our large deck. I know in the photo it looks rather messy, but what looks like dirty snow, is just the discolored snow that melted around the molasses. Really.

Within minutes, we had hard candy lying on the snow.

This was a hit with everyone, except for Mordecai, who declared this wasn’t “real candy”.

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