Tomorrow we embark on Titanic Week…My children have been obsessed with the story of the Titanic, so I am going with it. I made up these tickets (copied from photos of originals in  a book) and we distributed them today at lunch. We (meaning Chuck 🙂 took the twelve people in our family and figured out how many people would have been in first class, second, crew members, etc and I made the tickets to reflect that. At lunch everyone drew a card and discovered who they will be for the week…

Adalia and Jubilee were thrilled to draw the two first class tickets.

Tilly was happy with her third class ticket, but Judah was hoping to be a crew member, and Kalina wanted a first class ticket.

Hezekiah didn’t care what he got, as long as he got to draw a ticket.

Mordecai was excited to learn that he was a fireman (one of the workers shoveling coal in the boiler rooms).

So here is the official breakdown of Bergeron’s on the RMS Titanic:

Crew members-

Chuck first class attendant

Renee- Cook

Manly and Mordecai- fireman

Hezekiah- 2nd class attendant

Avi- musician

First Class- Adalia and Jubilee

Second Class- Tucker

Third class- Judah, Tilly and Kalina

Keep tuned this week to see how events unfold…

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